Your star Travis Van Winkle shows off bloody leg from ‘frightening’ coyote attack


Travis Van Winkle appeared in the third series of the psychological thriller You – released on Netflix last year

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Travis Van Winkle Details His Encounter With Coyotes While Hiking

Travis Van Winkle has recalled a ‘scary’ incident in which he said a pair of coyotes surrounded his dog after he suffered an injury after he intervened to save her.

The actor, 39, – who starred in the third season of Netflix’s You – said he and labradoodle Karen encountered the wild creatures at a park, believed to be in Los Angeles.

He recalled their experience in a recent Instagram post, warning his followers about coyotes after the incident – which reportedly happened at Griffith Park – yesterday.

Along with a series of videos and photos, he wrote in the caption, “Too close to be comfortable. Glad my little darling is ok. Luckily it went well today. Thank you @azitagram for m ‘to have comforted afterwards. Eeeeesh. Scary stuff.’

Travis Van Winkle recalled the incident on social media yesterday (Image: Instagram)

He said two coyotes circled his dog, Karen, while visiting a park (Image: Instagram)

The actor – whose credits include the horror reboot Friday the 13th (2009) – also shared a video of himself discussing the incident, in which he showed the injury he suffered.

He warned other dog owners to be ‘very careful’ and said: ‘I was just hanging out in this little back area. Karen and I were just kind of hiking, throwing bark at her down this hill .”

Travis continued in the video, “Two coyotes […] came after her. One of them almost got his leg. I had to race down the mountain literally screaming at the top of my lungs.”

The actor described the incident as “scary” and warned fans to watch out for coyotes (Image: Instagram)

Travis was left with a bloody and bruised leg after saving his dog (Image: Instagram)

Showing his bloody and bruised leg to the camera, he commented: “I literally slid down the mountain and they ran away.”

He added: “There were two surrounding him. I thought [one of them] bit her but luckily [they] not. But damn it was close.”

The post also included images of what appeared to be two coyotes on a hill, with Travis also sharing a photo of his bloody and bruised leg with his followers.

Her followers took to the comments section to express their best wishes, with one writing in response to the post, “This is so scary. I’m so glad Karen is okay. You saved her.”

He shared pictures and photos with fans on social media after the incident (Image: Instagram)

Fans were grateful that he and his dog Karen were seriously injured (Image: Instagram)

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Another commented: “Omg this is scary. Glad you and Karen are okay. Way to be an amazing dog daddy jumping to save her like this.”

“Thank goodness she wasn’t hurt. I’m so sorry this happened to you,” one follower said, while another added, “Yuck man! Scary! So sorry this had to happen. Those are nasty scratches.”

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