Wyoming Wildlife Protection Group protests coyote killing contest


ROCK SPRINGS, Wyoming (ABC4) – Residents of Rock Springs are taking action to change the animal kingdom.

When a local bar in the area, Buddha Bob’s Bar, announced plans to hold a wildlife killing contest specifically for coyotes, members of the Wyoming Wildlife Protection Group (WWPG) knew they had to step up. .

WWPG will hold a peaceful protest from January 30 to February 5.

“These contests glorify violence against animals and lack science-based wildlife management principles that give our hunters and wildlife agencies a bad name,” says Anderson, the organizer of the expression.

Many states where wild animal killing contests were once commonplace have since banned the contests. Members of the Vermont Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, residents of a state where wild animal kill contests were once typical, said, “These types of competitive coyote hunts are of concern to the public and could potentially jeopardize the future of hunting and affect access. to private lands for all hunters.

The territory inhabited by coyotes has tripled since 1850 when people started hunting them en masse.
For more information about the Wyoming Wildlife Protection Group’s mission, email wyomingwildlifeprotectiongroup@gmail.com.

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