Women Transforms Home In Canine Rescue Hospice for Senior Dogs

The end of life is a scary prospect for most of us, and planning for the inevitable is hard enough. But many people don’t plan for their pet’s future after it’s gone. Valerie Reid is changing that with her non-profit organization called Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary (WWSDS) in Hermitage, Missouri. His organization exists to fill the void, both locally and nationally, for dogs who have no place to go after their humans are gone.

Reid was inspired to start the sanctuary after losing her father to cancer. “I believe so much in palliative care not only for humans but also for animals,” she told My Modern Met. “We all deserve to die with dignity and with the love that surrounds us.”

“After my dad passed away, Reid explains, “my mom couldn’t keep my dad’s dog. His Dobermann, Staley. My mother was also in poor health and at that time my husband and I were at the pet limit of our city. Nobody wanted an old dog. Yet here she was that most precious member of our family. She helped my father and stayed by his side until his death. He loved her very much but no one wanted her.

The couple called for rescues but were told Staley would be shot. Feeling desperate, a foster family for the Doberman rescue got their information and volunteered to take her. “She had aging Dobermans and lands where [Staley] could live the rest of his life,” Reid says. “Staley is gone and loved for another year and a half. She lived happily, part of a family, running and playing. She ended up in love.

After seeing how hard it was to find a place for Staley, Reid had a dream of helping senior dogs. “Why should they die just because they are old? We are a disposable society, always looking for the best thing. What about true hearts of gold who have lived and loved. Don’t they deserve respect and attention? »

Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary

An immense amount of planning and research has gone into establishing the WWSDS. The couple moves and buys a large house and land. The organization became a nonprofit in 2017 and a Missouri state-licensed shelter. WWSDS offers comprehensive medical care and 24-hour attention; a dog is never alone once it comes into the care of the sanctuary. “Since Whispering Willows began, we have helped nearly 800 senior dogs live in peace with love and care. They may be here for a day, a few months or a year, but what remains the same is that they are loved and cared for. Sometimes they can take up to 80 dogs at a time.

Reid shares, “For us, ‘love is always the answer.’ As we are a hospice there isn’t always something to do, sometimes it’s just too late to step in, but what we can do is love them home. never die. Losing them can be difficult, but there is always another senior death who just as needs our help. We pour our grief and love into the next soul, making it a true mission of ‘love.

There is a deep need for the work that WWSDS undertakes, and requests for placement keep coming in. If you are moved by this mission and want to help, the sanctuary is 100% donation-based. There are several ways you can donate through the Whispering Willows website.

Valerie Reid started a non-profit organization called Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary that takes in older dogs who have nowhere to go.

Hospice for Senior Dogs

She was inspired to do so after her father’s death. After her father died, she couldn’t find a home for her older dog, Staley (and couldn’t take him in herself).

Hospice for Senior Dogs

Whispering Willows was established in Hermitage, Missouri, and now cares for 80 senior dogs at a time.

Hospice for Senior DogsHospice for Senior Dogs

“They may be here for a day, a few months or a year,” Reid told My Modern Met, “but what remains the same is that they are loved and cared for.”

Hospice for Senior DogsHospice for Senior DogsHospice for Senior DogsHospice for Senior DogsHospice for Senior DogsHospice for Senior DogsHospice for Senior DogsWhispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary: Website | Facebook

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos from Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary.

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