Wine Country Kennel Club – Sunday November 13, 2022


Show name: Wine Region Kennel Club
Location: Napa, California
Date of the show: Sunday, November 13, 2022
Total entry: 1061
Best Show Judge: Mr. Merle Taylor
Show photographer(s):
Vicki Holloway • Website:

Dog Reg: GCHG Chyscotts The Greatest Showman [Dog]
Raising: scottish terrier
Manager: Krissy Shaffer Simmons
Owner: W & L Shafer & K Simmons
Breeder: M Plumb, L & W Shafer & K Simmons

Reserve Dog Reg: GCHG Sunlits King Of Queens [Dog]
Reserve breed: Afghan Hound
Reserve Manager: Alicia Jones
Reserve owner: T Richardson, A Morrison Jones, J Souza-Bartlett and M Hunter

Jock Judge’s name: Mr. Ken J. Murray

Total entry: 165
Reg Dog: GCH Winchesters An Apple a Day [Bitch]
Raising: Setter (English)
Responsible: Stuart McGraw
Owner: Breeder: C Hodges, R Barnes, S McGraw, A & K Bernardin & S Nordstrom
Dog Reg: Kinross N Estrella Emerald Rain [Dog]
Breed: Setter (Irish)
Administrator :
Owner: L Blackman & S Oke
Breeder: S Oke & J Holmes
Dog Reg: CH Hellfires dancing in the dark [Dog]
Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)
Responsible: Luke Baggenstos
Owner: J Grant & A Monaghan
Dog Reg: GCHB Dawnglow For Your Eyes Only [Dog]
Breed: Spaniel (English Cocker Spaniel)
Controller: Catrina Castro
Owner: R Vanier & S LaFlamme
Breeder: S Laflamme

Dog Judge’s name: Mr Harold Red Tatro III

Total entry: 160
Dog Reg: GCHP Sunlits King Of Queens [Dog]
Raising: Afghan Hound
Controller: Alicia Jones
Owner: T Richardson, A Morrison Jones, J Souza-Bartlett & M Hunter
Dog Reg: GCH Vin-Melcas The Jaywalker [Bitch]
Breed: Norwegian Elkhound
Controller: Patricia Trotter
Owner: P Trotter & J Reed
Dog Reg: GCH Ableaim Kalina Mumms the Word [Dog]
Breed: Whippet
Administrator :
Owner: E Lucas
Dog Reg: GCH Rancors Mass Effect [Dog]
Breed: Dachshund (rough hair)
Manager: Tatum Bartlett
Owner: L Bryson & R & S Ott
Breeder: Lindsay Bryson & Robert Ott

Work Judge’s name: Mr. Gary L.Andersen

Total entry: 227
Reg Dog: GCHB Watersong Cove Resolute Pouch [Dog]
Raising: Portuguese Water Dog
Manager: Michael Scott
Owner: M Lint, P Helming & M Oldham
Dog Reg: GCHB Chateau Palos Bordeaux TD [Dog]
Breed: Standard Schnauzer
Responsible: Bill McFadden
Owner: M & D Just & E Mohrenweiser
Breeder: M & D Just & E Mohrenweiser
Dog Reg: GCHB Starlaine Standing Ovation [Dog]
Raising: Doberman Pinscher
Responsible: Andy Linton
Owner: K Kato, K Schoning & E Hopper
Breeder: E Hopper, D Kemp, VC Holmes & F&D Sparagna
Dog Reg: GCHS Cammcastles Back to the Future [Dog]
Breed: Rotweiler
Manager: Erin Piercy
Owner: S & J Roberts, S Guynn & P Marsh
Breeder: S Guynn

Terrier Judge’s name: Ms Carolyn Taylor

Total entry: 126
Dog Reg: GCHG Chyscotts The Greatest Showman [Dog]
Raising: scottish terrier
Manager: Krissy Shaffer Simmons
Owner: W & L Shafer & K Simmons
Breeder: M Plumb, L & W Shafer & K Simmons
Dog Reg: GCHS Lotus Mic Drop [Dog]
Breed: Miniature Bull Terrier
Responsible: Luke Baggenstos
Owner: R & P Briganti & L & R Baggenstos
Dog Reg: GCHS Aimhi Head Dover Heels [Bitch]
Breed: Smooth Fox Terrier
Manager: Amy Rutherford
Owner: A Rutherford, P Holson & B Miller
Dog Reg: GCHP Nobles Random Reaction to Toria BCAT CGC TKI [Dog]
Breed: Standard Manchester Terrier
Controller: Trina Taylor
Owner: T Taylor-Ghione & V Herbert-Thorsland
Breeder: T Taylor-Ghione & V Herbert-Thorsland

Toy Judge’s name: Mr. Ken J. Murray

Total entry: 156
Dog Reg: GCHS Dunkirk just once more [Dog]
Raising: Pekingese
Administrator :
Owner: LM Delgado, JC DeLuna, T Reese & R Winters
Dog Reg: GCHS Nordic Visions Turn Back Time [Dog]
Breed: Pomeranian
Administrator :
Owner: W&K Stacey
Dog Reg: GCHB Alexis One Fin Two Fin Red Fin Blue Fin [Dog]
Race: Maltese
Handler: Pat Keen Fernandes
Owner: M&T Robison
Breeder: M&T Robison
Dog Reg: GCHS Starry Night Dr. Drake Ramoray [Dog]
Breed: Chihuahua (smooth hair)
Administrator :
Owner: C Randall
Breeder: C Randall

Not athletic Judge’s name: Mrs. Janet M. Allen

Total entry: 117
Dog Reg: CH Shady Oaks High Tea in Highwood [Bitch]
Raising: french bulldog
Manager: Erin Piercy
Owner: T Stress, A Vorbeck & P Payson
Dog Reg: GCH Saint Florians Here Comes The Sun [Dog]
Breed: Dalmatian
Handler: Ethan Coye
Owner: S Limbach & D Mauel
Dog Reg: Canterland Dirty Sexy Martini [Bitch]
Breed: Poodle (Standard)
Handler: Terry Bernier
Owner: P Alexandria
Dog Reg: Goldshields QB Im The Bees Knees [Dog]
Breed: Boston Terrier
Administrator :
Owner: M Mulchahey & P Payson

Breeding Judge’s name: Ms Sheila Polk

Total entry: 109
Dog Reg: GCHB Top Hat N Subojas Strawberry Wine V Legend HT FDC BCAT CGC TKN [Bitch]
Raising: german shepherd dog
Responsible: Art Sinclair
Owner: D Hopkins & S Sisemore
Dog Reg: GCH Vadrozsa Stonybeck Meet Joe Black FDC CGCU TKI [Dog]
Breed: Pulik
Responsible: Bill McFadden
Owner: J. Hepper
Breeder: Kathy Allen & Ross Allen
Dog Reg: GCHS DC Aces Chain Reaction HXAds HXBd [Dog]
Breed: Bouvier des Flandres
Manager: Larry Fenner
Owner: J Reifschneider
Breeder: J Reifschneider, A Motta & R & A Santos
Dog Reg: CH Cezannes Gateau [Dog]
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Administrator :
Owner: H Richardson & J Charon

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