Wilmington, MA Coyote Warning – NBC Boston

Coyotes have been popping up in Wilmington, Mass., police said Monday, urging residents to do what they can to stop the coyotes from eating human food.

Local animal control officers have received and responded to complaints of coyotes in the area, Wilmington Police said in a Facebook post. They noted that the presence of coyotes in town is not a concern in itself, but added that residents can help make it that way.

“Help keep coyotes wild by scaring or threatening coyotes in your yard with loud noises, bright lights or water spray from a hose,” Wilmington police said in the post. “Coyotes that have become addicted to human-associated food may become habituated and show bold behavior towards people.”

Footage shared with NBC10 Boston shows an emaciated animal crossing a street.

Joshua Adams Young

A coyote in Wilmington, Massachusetts

At least three dogs were killed in coyote attacks elsewhere in Massachusetts last week, including Sudbury and Concord.

“We’ve had reports of coyotes around,” Concord Police Lt. Kevin Monahan said. “You hear them in the area all the time.”

Coyote attacks on pets have crossed several Massachusetts cities, and now police are asking pet owners to take special precautions.

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