Who let the dogs in? NJ borough backs down on anti-canine law

After 20 years, dogs are once again welcome in Fanwood’s public parks after a borough council vote Monday night.

Fanwood Borough Council passed an ordinance Monday night by a 5-1 vote allowing leashed, licensed, non-aggressive dogs in the borough’s three public parks: LaGrande Park, Forest Road Park and Carriage House Park.

People who bring a dog into the parks are responsible for picking up the dog’s tracks or face a fine.

The ordinance made headlines this year after NJ.com reported that a resident called police about dog walkers nearly two dozen times in a year.

Ahead of the vote, Carolyn Brink, a resident who has been pushing for the ordinance for two years, responded to concerns raised by resident Phyllis Mahoney who saw dogs leaving feces that weren’t picked up at Forest Road Park, then children play in the same place.

Brink said she’s confident residents of the “decent, kind community” will follow the rules and pick up trash in the park, which the dogs aren’t responsible for.

“My husband and I walked through the park yesterday and picked up pizza wrappers, Burger King wrappers, Chick-fil-A wrappers. They weren’t left by my dog. They let people use the park. It happens. We monitor ourselves,” Brink told the council.

Phyllis Mahoney and Carolyn Brink address the Borough of Fanwood 7/18/22

Phyllis Mahoney, Carolyn Brink speak to Fanwood Borough 7/18/22 (Borough of Fanwood)

Reasons to vote no

The only vote against the ordinance was cast by Patricia Walsh who said the parks are too small to accommodate both canine and human visitors.

“I believe that instead of worrying about the rights of dogs to use the parks and the safety of the dogs, we should really be thinking about the people, the children and everyone who uses the parks. I know some people may think that dogs have the same rights as residents. I disagree,” Walsh said.

Walsh also said she was concerned about law enforcement. Police will not be in the park and the Department of Public Works said it has no staff for further cleaning of the park.

“And our recreation committee that we usually take their recommendation from recently voted six out of six again against changing the ordinance,” Walsh said.

The order took effect immediately and will be reviewed after one year.

Brink told NJ.com that she was taking her dog Beckett on a celebratory walk Monday night.

Linden, Roselle Park, and Springfield are the only communities in Union County that still ban dogs from their parks.

Dan Alexander is a reporter for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at dan.alexander@townsquaremedia.com

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