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WACO, Texas – WhiteHaven Canine is a non-profit organization that trains dogs for emotional support and basic advanced obedience. They then give the dogs to veterans.

The Waco Foundation awarded WhiteHaven Canine $20,000 upfront.

“Our Board of Directors and our staff have found their mission interesting. Kind of a combination of a few really big things that we hear about,” said Natalie Kelinske, director of communications for the Waco Foundation. “Animal welfare and things like that, but perhaps more importantly is helping our veterans.”

They also pledged an additional $20,000 if WhiteHaven can raise $20,000 from the community, for a total of $60,000.

“Then put that other aside to really encourage the community to get involved,” Kelinske said. “So, let’s get everyone together and match another $20,000.”

WhiteHaven’s motto is Save a Dog, Help a Veteran.

“You’re helping a dog, you’re helping a veteran,” founder Alan White said. “Well right now we need their help to raise that $20,000 so we can get the matching funds.”

White says they’ve lost more than three months of training this year due to the weather. The money will go towards a building and a fence, which will allow them to train 12 months a year.

“These kind of cuts to your operation, you plan to send dogs to veterans, and that’s just a big deal,” White said.

Right now they are training at the old Floyd Casey Stadium.

White has a service dog himself — and she saved his life.

“I couldn’t live without Zeeva, I don’t know what I would do without her.”

You can donate on PayPal or on their Facebook page.

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