Wauwatosa to trap and kill ‘pest’ coyote after fatal dog attack


WAUWATOSA, WI— The Town of Wauwatosa has announced it will trap and kill a pest coyote after a fatal dog attack.

Drew Burgoyne, a meteorologist for CBS 58, said his Yorkie Brady, 15, was attacked and killed by a coyote in December in the Fisher Woods neighborhood.

“The town of Wauwatosa has a coyote nuisance management policy and response plan. In the event of a verified pet attack, and at the request of a resident, we will engage a contracted professional to attempt to locate and eliminate a pest coyote, ”the city said. on its website.

Burgoyne previously told Patch that his wife, Adrienne Burgoyne, let Brady out into the back yard with their other dog, Allie.

“The coyote came out of nowhere,” he said. “He was to be hiding on the north side of our house. He wasn’t deterred by his presence and quickly grabbed Brady, shaking him violently.”

Burgoyne said Adrienne didn’t have time to make distracting noises or grab the coyote stick they keep on their back porch.

The coyote carried Brady by the neck into a neighbor’s yard.

Burgoyne said neighbors complained about the coyote before the attack.

The town of Wauwatosa has contracted with Recon Trapping, which is currently exploring the area and plans to lay traps from January 10. Recon Trapping will seek landowner approval for areas that will have traps.

The trap is a foot trap and not a lethal trap. However, Recon Trapping has permission and intends to use a gun to fatally shoot a coyote once it’s in a trap, the city said.

The city asks residents to keep their pets on a leash at all times.

“Depending on where the traps are placed, blocking posts or fences will be used to discourage non-target animals from entering the area and into the trap. Trap locations will be marked with a pink flag,” the city said.

If you see an animal in a trap, stay away from the trap or the trapped animal. Please call the non-urgent Wauwatosa Police number at 414-471-8430.

“We are delighted that the city is following up to help locate the coyote that killed our dog. We understand that this is a sensitive issue. At the end of the day, I hope our neighbors don’t have to go through the same kind of injury, ”said Burgoyne.

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