Viewers cite animal cruelty and want show canceled



The new Netflix show is already causing controversy, as some viewers allege inhumane treatment of animals and ask for the show to be canceled.

When Netflix launched its new show Canine intervention, it should have been a slam dunk. After all, dog owners are always on the lookout for the best pet training advice they can find. But the series sparked more controversy than expected. Some viewers disagree with the host Jas Leverette’s workout methods and calls on Netflix to cancel the show.

Canine intervention follows Jas and his dog training company Cali K9 as he trains and rehabilitates dogs with behavioral issues that put them at risk of euthanasia. If this premise sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is. The show The Whispering Dog hosted by Cesar Millan had essentially the same goal. Jas now picks up where Cesar left off, bringing hope to struggling dogs and their worried owners.

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The new Netflix show was dropped on Wednesday, and while many viewers became quick fans, others took issue with what they saw. Concerned viewers claim that Jas uses “punishment-based training methods”Such as claw collars, choke collars and electric shock collars which are harmful to dogs. They argue that presenting these training methods for entertainment is “barbaric. “A petition seeking to obtain Canine intervention canceled has been put in place and has already amassed over 35,000 signatures.


Obviously, many viewers disagree with Jas’ techniques, but others see the show in a positive light. The dogs featured on Canine intervention are last chance cases which must demonstrate a change in behavior or a risk of euthanasia. Jas believes there are no bad dogs and at the end of his training program the dogs he works with really seem to change for the better, much to their owners’ delight. It’s hard for some fans to get excited about the methods when the results are so transformative.

Canine intervention has barely been created and is already controversial, which isn’t a good sign for a fledgling show. It is too early to speculate if there will be a second season, it all depends on the popularity of the series which will outweigh the controversies. But in the meantime, there are still plenty of fans who just enjoy the touching stories without questioning whether the end justifies the means.

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