VIDEO: Burglary reveals no suspects and a coyote

Weld County Sheriff’s Deputies did not find a burglar after a reported crime in the 13000 block of Weld County Road 2 near Brighton on September 8.

But they found a coyote.

According to deputies, the owners heard something in the basement and found a broken window. Deputies searched the basement and found no suspects. A deputy returned to the basement with the owners, when they heard scratching coming from a laundry room.

“Deputies discovered a coyote crouching behind the water heater,” Weld County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Joe Moylan said. “He had broken the window and was stuck inside the house.”

Deputies asked for help from the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife. Brighton Police provided a capture pole. Eventually, “Wile E. Coyote” was fished out from behind the water heater and released in an area behind the house.

“They (the deputies) could have easily left the coyote to a pest removal company, probably at considerable cost to the homeowner,” Moylan said. “But instead, deputies came up with a plan to safely remove the animal from the house.”

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