UK to equip Coyote tactical vehicles with 105mm howitzers

The British Army will soon see its Coyote six-wheeled tactical vehicles fitted with 105 millimeter Howitzer weapon systems.

The Coyote is currently equipped with the new generation light anti-tank weapon, currently used by Ukraine to destroy Russian tanks.

Although the armored vehicle already has a powerful weapon, the experience of the British army in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria would have highlighted the need for the Coyote to have additional firepower.

“There is growing concern that special forces feel underpowered, and this has been particularly noticed in Syria, a senior official said. mentioned. “The plan is to mount the gun on a Coyote, the six-wheeled platform we used in Afghanistan, which has the capacity to carry the gun and ammunition.”

The UK currently operates a towed 105mm howitzer called the L118 Light Gun. However, it is not suitable for Coyote vehicles due to its weight and recoil.

“Provide enormous firepower”

Lighter than many other weapon systems, the Howitzer is designed to provide direct and indirect fire support to soldiers.

It can fire all standard 105 millimeter NATO ammunition such as M1 high explosive rounds, M913 rocket-assisted high explosive rounds and M314 flare rounds.

the Hawk Eye The 105 millimeter weapon system is a modular howitzer designed to be integrated into various combat transports, including the Coyote.

The M119 variant has an improved rate of fire of six rounds per minute and a standard firing range of 14 kilometers (8.7 miles).

“If finally adopted after trials, it will provide tremendous firepower to special forces in a mobile configuration in a way that has never been experienced before and we should reasonably expect that a limited number be in service within the next two years,” the senior official said. Explain.

the coyote

Based on the HMT 600 6×6 chassis, the Coyote is a larger derivative of the Jackal 2 high mobility weapons platform patrol and reconnaissance vehicle.

It has two additional wheels to allow transporting more supplies and equipment over difficult terrain.

The vehicle can carry one more crew member than the Jackal 2, but offers similar protection, armament, and propulsion systems.

The British Army currently operates 70 Coyote Light Tactical Vehicles.

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