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After ten years of meritorious service, Ivan and Sparky retired from the Central Industrial Security Force Canine Squad on November 2. Both dogs served at Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) and contributed immensely to its safety.

“CISF Bids Farewell to Canine Heroes. Two Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) dogs at Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) have retired after approximately ten years of meritorious service (02.11)”, read the caption written with the video shared on Twitter by ANI. The video captures the farewell held by the CISF for their four-legged warriors. We see an official presenting the dogs, who are on stage, a medal each for their distinguished service and dedication. He later daisies the four-legged commandos. Not only that, CISF even grants canine warriors the traditional “withdrawal” ceremony. In this ceremony, CISF officers and staff pull a decorated jeep with a rope, in which the dogs are seated, over a red carpet.

Watch the video below:

CISF also took to Twitter to share some glimpses of the retirement ceremony. “Born as a dog, retired as a soldier. CISF bids farewell to #comrade #canine members – Ivan and Sparky who have officially retired after 10 years of service, contributing immensely to the safety of Cochin Airport,” said writes the CISF, publishing a collage of the retirement ceremony.

Take a look at CISF’s tweet below:

Since sharing, the two tweets have garnered several likes. Many took to comments to share their reactions.

“Can civilians adopt them? What happens after they retire? inquired one individual. “Such good boys. Lots of love and balls to play with them,” posted another. “Much respect, expressed a third. “Big salute, hero! You served well, stay healthy. Thank you for protecting our lives for 10 years. I’m grateful to #CISF for giving them a proper farewell,” a fourth commented.


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