Trapped coyote: injured animal seen around Glenview


GLENVIEW, IL – Last week Glenview resident Liz Yordanoff received an unexpected visit to her home. Unfortunately, it was an injured animal that was also seen by others in the city.

“I have a video of the coyote appearing on my patio the other night dragging the metal trap tight on its paw,” Yordanoff told Patch. “The sound of the trap scraping the concrete, as well as seeing the coyote in this state, is heartbreaking.”

Yordanoff said the coyote, who is referred to as Tyson by residents, stepped on an illegally placed jawed tramp somewhere in the area, which closed on the animal’s leg. For a week now, the coyote has been dragging the metal trap on its broken leg.

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She said Tyson’s last known sighting was Friday, which she said does not bode well for the animal. The coyote was seen in the neighborhood on the east side of Greenwood, near Thornberry Lane and Harrison Street.

Glenview Police followed the coyote, after contacting the Illinois Police Department of Natural Resource Conservation and Cook County Animal Control. Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, a nonprofit licensed by the state and federal government of Barrington, is also helping.

Find out what’s happening in Glenview with free real-time Patch updates.

“Yeah, we know about that poor coyote,” Sgt. says Joël Detloff. “Unfortunately, whenever there is a sighting he is so quick to leave the area that we weren’t able to get close enough to try to help him.”

Detloff said the IDNR would respond to help if there is a “good enough” sighting or if the coyote stays in one spot long enough.

Yordanoff said she and other residents were unhappy with the trapping not only because of the coyote’s condition, but that such trapping is illegal.

“[We] I want whoever set this trap to be held accountable – not only because of the torture this coyote goes through, but because of the threat to lost dogs, cats or even children that may befall him or her. ‘others,’ Yordanoff said.

She added not to try to approach or trap Tyson, but to call the non-emergency number for the Glenview Police Department at 847-729-5000.


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