Toti Edu-Paw Seeks Funding for Canine Care Program


EDU-PAW in Amanzimtoti recently hosted a graduation ceremony for children who spent months training to take care of their dogs.

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The organization serves as an educational arm of the SPCA, and the eight-week program provides information to children with the goal of making them fully understand the responsibility of owning and caring for a dog. The goal is also to instill a culture of love and compassion for dogs.

As they prepare for the next school year, which will begin Class 10, Edu-Paw needs funds to deworm, vaccinate and neuter the 12 new dogs in the class. Funds are also needed for the vet account, dog food, blankets, collars, leashes and shampoo, and weekly snacks and juice for the children after school before they go home afterwards. a busy morning. Donations can be made to the following account or deposited at the SPCA, reserved at Edu-Paw at 1 Nyati Road, Athlone Park.

Amanzimtoti SPCA
Acc 62807184552
Agency code 220127
Ref: Edu-Paw

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