Top 10 dog treats for your canine companion

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There’s no doubt that we love our dogs and these furry friends are truly part of the family. Big or small, quiet or loud, our canine companions are there for us through it all, so of course we want to give them everything they need to stay happy and healthy.

National Dog Biscuit Day 2022 is February 23, and while your dog can’t use a calendar, he’ll be thrilled to celebrate with some of the tastiest treats around. Use this helpful guide to find the perfect treats for your best friend and get your tails wagging!

1. Blue Buffalo Health Bars

Blue Buffalo Health Bars are a natural option made with pumpkin, cinnamon and added vitamins. They’re baked for a satisfying crunch dogs will love and don’t include any poultry by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors or preservatives.

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2. Wag Chicken and Waffle Bites

These bites give your dog all the fun of a favorite human breakfast with a texture and taste your dog will love. Made with American farm-raised chicken as the #1 ingredient, these healthy treats are a great way to celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day, or any day.

3. Nutro Crunchy Natural Biscuit Dog Treats

These treats are packed with the high-quality protein dogs need, plus plenty of nutrients and flavors. These five-calorie mini treats are perfect for training and made with real ingredients you can see for a healthy pup.

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4. Buddy Biscuits Baked Dog Treats

Made with just four ingredients, these cookies are baked for a healthy treat that dogs of all shapes and sizes can enjoy. With three flavors to choose from, there’s something every dog ​​will love.

5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats

Appeal to your dog’s inner wild side by starting with real game and fish as the first ingredient. Whether you choose bison, salmon, duck or a combination of flavors, your dog will thank you for these healthy and tasty treats.

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6. Portland Pet Food Company All-Natural Dog Biscuits

These treats are made with human-grade ingredients that are sure to please even the pickiest dog or the most sensitive stomach. With bacon, gingerbread and pumpkin flavors, there’s a choice for every dog.

7. Orijen Dog Treat Combo Pack

These freeze-dried treats pack a protein punch, keeping your dog satisfied with fewer calories. Three flavors, including lamb, duck and wild boar, provide variety to these all-natural treats made with simple, dehydrated meat, making them an exceptionally healthy choice.

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8. Original Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits

Milk-Bones are a classic for a reason. These meaty treats contain 12 vitamins and minerals, and their crunchy texture helps keep teeth clean for fresher breath and a healthier mouth.

9. Blue Dog Bakery Store Natural Dog Treats

This is a low-fat option for dogs watching their waistline. But they don’t sacrifice flavor, with four different options to choose from and cooked with extra crunch and human-grade ingredients.

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10. Old Mother Hubbard Classic Natural Dog Treats

Thanks to their small size, these treats are great for training and are made with ingredients like real peanut butter, chicken liver and cheddar cheese. This bag of assorted flavors will keep any dog ​​interested and coming back for more.

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