This sequence of jet Coyote drones obliterating other drones is amazing


A certain version of the Coyote has been deployed to an undisclosed location aboard the Marine Corps Anti-UAS Ground Air Defense (GBAD) system, but it is not known how widespread its use has been or if this system has been used. particular is always used. The military planned to send its own JLTV-based M-LIDS with the Raytheon Coyote to an unnamed forward deployment in the US Central Command area of ​​responsibility.

This is particularly interesting given that separate video footage appeared online earlier this week showing two “suicide drones” being shot down as they approached Iraq’s Ain Al Asad airbase, which is home to the forces. American. A Centurion Counter-Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar (C-RAM) system, which is armed with a 20mm Vulcan cannon, knocks down one of the explosives laden unmanned planes. An unknown physical interceptor explodes near the other drone.

The interceptor in this video footage, seen in the Tweet below, is seen briefly flying at a relatively low speed and with a horizontal flight profile that is very reminiscent of the Coyote‘s mode of operation as seen in the newly released footage. by Raytheon. This unknown interceptor’s explosive scheme and how close it detonates to the target is also somewhat similar to what we’ve seen now with regard to the Coyote Block 2+.

While there has been no official statement suggesting that the Coyote was used in this particular interception, the Pentagon has yet to release details of the system used in Al Asad’s engagement. The war zone has contacted the US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria for more information on this incident, but has yet to receive a response.

As the images released by Raytheon today show, the Coyote is a capable Unmanned Air System (cUAS) platform, making it well suited to the types of engagements seen this week in Iraq. In addition to the roles of cUAS, the MoD also envisioned the interceptor drone as loitering ammunition or a “low cost cruise missile”. The Coyote is also capable of swarming operations and can be fitted with non-kinetic cUAS payloads such as those used in a summer 2021 demonstration at Yuma Proving Ground, also conducted with the office of indirect fire and gunfire. rapid capabilities of the army. It is not known if the images released today were taken at the same protest.

The Coyote quickly proves to be a competent platform, capable of performing a variety of mission roles. As for the Coyote Block 2+, we’ll likely see more downsized jet drones in future deployments, given how critical cUAS and short-range air defense systems become to maintaining air superiority.

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