The Turbocharged Coyote Mustang is a 6 second monster on the Strip


Watch the 2,000 hp twin-turbo Mustang take on other formidable Mustangs.

2000 Hp Coyote Mustang Featured Image
via the Drag Racing YouTube channel and Car Stuff

Drag racing is one of the purest forms of motorsport. It’s about two cars going full blast, to see who can come out on top. It’s even more exciting when we involve wild modified cars. This video uploaded to Drag Racing and Car Stuff on YouTube shows ridiculous 2,000 horsepower twin-turbo Coyote Ford Mike Reich’s Mustang. In the video, he takes on various rivals at the 2021 Mod Nationals at South Georgia Motorsports Park and is able to perform multiple six-second passes in the King of the 4 Valve Class.

Close-ups reveal the powerful engine

A few close-ups give us a glimpse of the powerful 2000 horsepower engine that is in this Mustang. We quickly go to the drag races in which the car participates. The first even sees her take on another Mustang, although we don’t have numbers for that other car, but it’s clearly modified. Our 2,000 horsepower hero doesn’t get off to a good start, but finishes the race 5 mph faster than the other Mustang, and with a run time of 7.051 seconds compared to 7.275 for the other car.

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Night Run shows its potential of six seconds

2000 CV Coyote Mustang Daylight Drag Race
via the Drag Racing YouTube channel and Car Stuff

The first night run in the video shows how fast this car can be. Paired with another Mustang, Reich’s car gets a brilliant launch and lead rockets, and the crowd cheers when they see it completing this race in just 6.980 seconds with a phenomenal top speed of 203.22 mph. It’s serious driving as the Reich crew celebrates a great race. The six-second races continue, with one the next day completed in just 6.88 seconds and peaking at 204 mph.

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Final Run is an epic duel against the 2004 Mustang

2000 CV Coyote Mustang 4 final valve
via the Drag Racing YouTube channel and Car Stuff

The last run in the video is also the King of the 4 Valve Class finale, and it features two great cars. The Reich Mustang faces off against Keith Rhea in his all-white 2004 Ford Mustang, and he was in the 6.60-6.70 second range throughout the event. There is clearly a long way to go in this final!

Reich got the better start of the two cars, but lost just after a slight nose-up. The 2004 Mustang is a powerful and impressive car, achieving a race of 6.632 to 202.45 mph. The Reich race was a bit slower at 199.67 mph and with a run of 6.910 seconds. A truly epic contest.

Source: Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

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