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Who wore it better – The Rock vs. Coyote

After Michael Jordan left the NBA in 1998, the San Antonio Spurs became one of the most dominant teams in the league. Impressively, the magnificent mind of Gregg Popovich, the “Twin Towers” and the Timmy-Manu-Tony trio gave the city five championships in total.

But like all other NBA dynasties, Spurs’ glory days have also come to an end. However, this in no way demotivated the franchise. In fact, San Antonio even kicked off 2022 with a unique and witty PR campaign to get a shoutout from WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Spurs’ Coyote has always been a big fan of The Rock

From day one of the current year, Spurs’ trusty mascot “Coyote” began recreating The Rock’s iconic old photo in which a young Rock wore a black turtleneck, prominent gold chain and a “banana bag”.

The whole idea may sound silly, but the Spurs PR team, or should we say, Coyote, were ready to get the famous WWE legend noticed. In fact, a Spurs Sports and Entertainment spokesperson even said that Coyote left his mark in San Antonio, but he also has his own “celebrity idol,” which just happens to be The Rock.

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Coyote is a big fan of The Rock on the big screen and in the ring. While the Coyote is a star in their own right, every star has a celebrity idol that inspires them,“, he told My San Antonio. “The Coyote has followed The Rock since his WWE days and dreams of one day having a home gym like The Rock.

It worked

After 13 days of mimicking The Rock’s photo using various themes, it’s safe to say Spurs were seriously serious about their campaign. And finally, Coyote’s determination paid off as Dwayne Johnson himself finally acknowledged him.

Of course, Johnson responded in the rockiest way possible.

The most electrifying @NBA mascot @spurscoyote,” Johnson wrote on Instagram. “And I still look like the Buff Lesbian Lunch Lady with my thumb confidently stuck in my leather fanny pack.

Good to see you having fun Coyote, next time I’m in San Antonio we’ll drink @teremana @spurs #sanantoniodrip,” He continued.

We’ll never know if The Rock’s response impacted Spurs inside the basketball court or not. However, the timing was undeniably perfect as San Antonio won the next game.

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