The Outer Worlds Canid’s Cradle Quest Guide – should you help MSI or the Iconoclasts?


You may have found the information you were looking for, but things are about to get a lot more complicated in The outer worlds. MSI and iconoclastic activists want the powerful UDL tech that crashed into Monarch, and it’s up to you to decide who gets it. Here’s how to complete the Canid’s Cradle quest with a peaceful resolution.

It’s possible to negotiate a peace deal between MSI and the Iconoclasts, but that doesn’t mean no one will be hurt. However, you will get a trophy / achievement for your console issue.

The outcome of this quest affects the ending you see at the end of The Outer Worlds, so choose wisely.

However, there aren’t a lot of difficult requirements to get the best result from the Canid‘s Cradle quest. You will need your Persuasion or Inspiration skill to be at level 55, and one of your dialogue skills (i.e. lying, intimidating, or persuading) at level 35 to disparage everyone.

Canine’s Cradle Quest Guide

After the Radio Free Monarch quest summary, you will see a UDL Gunship drop from the sky and crash west of Monarch.

The best way to get to the quest marker is to go to the Terra One Publications Fast Travel Point and head south through the Sulfur Pits to get to where you need to be.

Once you reach the crash site you’ll unlock a new fast travel point, but head inside the broken windshield and use the terminal to open the sealed door behind you.

Print yourself a key card and you can open the doors inside the ship. Climb the yellow ladder to get deeper into the crashed ship and open a second door.

When you can see the targeting module, pull the two levers to open its case and store it in your backpack.

Now the choice is yours: hand the mod over to Sanjar and MSI, or Graham’s Iconoclasts.

Canid’s Cradle – Should you side with the MSI or the Iconoclasts?

Forging peace between the Monarch corps and the Iconoclasts is one of the major events that features in The Outer World’s best ending, and is a satisfying conclusion to the quest.

To achieve this result, you need to go to Stellar Bay and talk to Sanjar.

Ask him why he needs the module for a certain context, then ask him if he could work with the Iconoclasts.

Sanjar will resist, but mention that you saw his employee commenting during the Radio Free Monarch quest events and that he needs someone to work with.

Suggest Zora as a suitable partner, and he’ll agree to speak if she leads the Iconoclasts – but only if he can see his employee’s report first.

To grab this information, head to Cascadia south of Monarch. This is near where the science weapon of the Abandoned Void Lab is hidden.

Follow the quest marker to Rizzo’s office, then go around the back of the building to enter without picking a lock. Keep following the marker inside and you’ll find a terminal in a back office.

Check inside the safe next to the terminal to find the unique SugarOps helmet, which increases N-Ray and Plasma damage.

View Zora’s recording by pressing “view files”, then export it to an external datapad.

Now go back to Sanjar, show him the report and accept his date offer.

Get Zora to accept

Head to Amber Heights and talk to Zora in the side building.

To make her talk, you must complete her side quest “Sucker Bait”. It’s a simple task to follow quest markers, kill a few enemies, and search for an abandoned outpost.

While you’re at it, be sure to search the body on the ground to grab another unique helmet: “Hemlock’s Eyepatch”.

With the data in hand, return to Zora and she’ll ask you for a moment to take in the revelation.

You can go talk to Graham for more context if you want, but go to the Amber Heights gate and go through the Monarch wasteland, then turn around and head back into Amber Heights.

Zora will have changed positions in Iconoclast’s main command building and will enter into conversation with you as soon as you enter.

Reassure her that you are making the right choice and follow Zora up the stairs. Enter the conversation with Graham and let him know that Zora is taking the reins.

Preach that she has the best interests of iconoclasts at heart and that Graham acts selfishly in response to her past mistakes – this conversation usually ends violently.

Once done, talk to Zora and ask her to join Sanjar. She’ll decline at first, but that’s where your Persuasion 55 or Inspiration 55 comes in. If you run out of Persuasion, bring Pavarti and Felix as followers.

Listening to reason, Zora agrees to meet south of Stellar Bay.

Make your way to the Ruins Fast Travel Point and keep an eye out for the summit.

Peace between MSI and the Iconoclasts

At church, stand between the two leaders and take turns speaking to them. Tell Sanjar to “cut it down,” then suggest that the Iconoclasts support the Stellar Bay supply lines to make up for the resources they would use.

It requires a level 35 Persuasion or Intimidate check to pass, but is accepted.

Suggest that Sanjar didn’t know, then tell him you found an overwhelming match. Scold Zora for “taking it up a notch,” then acknowledge the compromise.

Not only will you get the trophy for negotiating a deal, but over 2,000 bits and a unique “Soft Speaker” melee weapon – which improves your Intimidate skill – for your problem.

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