The Best Solar Hunter Build (With Sixth Coyote)


One of the best Solar Hunter builds that can be created in Destiny 2 uses The Sixth Coyote and his exotic trait which gives players a second dodge.

The sixth coyote can be used to create one of Solar Hunter’s best builds in Destiny 2 thanks to its unique exotic intrinsic character. The Sixth Coyote is an Exotic chest piece that only provides the benefit of having a second dodge, but this second ability charge greatly improves hunter survivability through class restoration. Although Classy Restoration is a Seasonal Artifact mod, its effectiveness makes it worth using with The Sixth Coyote as it provides the x2 Restoration perk whenever Hunters use their Dodge ability.

Classy Restoration has been the go-to armor mod for many of the best Solar builds in Destiny 2 from haunted season began. Combined with the significant changes to the Resilience character stat in PvE, Classy Restoration essentially makes any Guardian class invincible provided they are unable to be downed by a powerful enemy. When used with the right armor mods, shards, and aspects, hunters can perfectly time their class ability to always have class restore active when one dodge is used and begins charging while the other is already in reserve.


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Although The Sixth Coyote does not provide any benefit to the damage hunters can deal to bosses, it allows them to become indestructible guardians that eliminate ads by eliminating each enemy one by one. Depending on the character stats that hunters have in Destiny 2, this build can have further improved survivability if stats like Mobility and Resilience are prioritized over everything else. If players can get their Hunter class to max both of these stats at level 10, or even higher by an additional level, it will give them the ability to use shards that would otherwise lower those stats by a full level, but provide a larger one also benefits from the restoration. Finally, hunters using this build will mostly rely on their melee ability to defeat fighters, although solar weapons are also useful.

The best sixth Coyote Solar Fighter built in Destiny 2

The best sixth Coyote Solar Fighter built in Destiny 2
  • shoot them down (Aspect): Solar supers are buffed and finishing hits with any equipped throwing knife fully refund melee energy. This is an essential aspect of the best Hunter Solar builds in Destiny 2.
  • On your marks (Aspect): Precision Finishers grant hunters and teammates increased weapon handling and reload speed for a short duration. Activating the class ability immediately applies maximum charges.
  • Singing Embers (Fragment): Class ability recharges faster when targets are burned.
  • Ember of comfort (fragment): Radiant and restoration effects applied to players have an increased duration.
  • embers of Torches (Fragment): Motorized melee attacks against fighters cause nearby players and allies to glow.
  • Ember of Benevolence (Fragment): Applying Restoration, Healing, or Radiation to allies increases grenade, melee, and class ability regeneration for a short time.
  • Ember of Empyrean (Fragment): Solar weapons or ability finishers extend restore duration and beaming effects. Subtracts -10 from resilience. This shard can be activated by weapons like the Drang (Baroque) Sidearm and the Calus Mini-Tool SMG.
  • Grenade: Preference
  • Melee: Turn of the knife
  • Armor Mods: Hands-On, Seeking Wells, Focusing Strike, Boosting Detonation, Melee Wellmaker, Bountiful Wells, Well of Life, Classy Restoration, Utility Kickstart, Resilience mods (priority), Mobility mods (after Resilience is maxed out).

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Google Stadia.

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