See How the Alluring Restomod Build Makes the Award-Winning Ford Mustang Coyote 69


Blue Oval aficionados can rarely go wrong when a 1969 Mustang is involved. While this Mach 1 Fastback looks great on the outside, once the construction project got started it quickly turned into a rusty rat hole. Then something magical happened.

Well, that’s not exactly magic. Instead, this restoration hero Randy Apple Red 2 became the owner of a Manufacturer’s Choice Award at the 2017 Goodguys event in Raleigh, NC, thanks to hard work and dedication. Apparently about 3,000 hours were invested just to turn the rusty exterior of the bucket into a show-worthy appearance. And that’s just the custom body!

According to the good people of Hand-built cars on YouTube, the transformation was done by GT Graphics and Customs in Franklin, NC. It naturally included a bit of handcrafting, as well as multiple layers of PPG Randy Apple Red 2 to achieve the desired fit and shine.

But reviving the interior (with black leather and OEM seats) and exterior of the classic Mustang was only part of the process. As always, one can go behind the scenes thanks to HBC’s video (embedded below) that never fails to fascinate with exquisite attention to detail. Whether performed by someone in their own garage or at a specialty store, the whole ordeal is always a marvelous feat of engineering and human will.

Regardless, returning to the Mustang 69’s tune-up, the Blue Oval also got a traditional powertrain choice among restoration enthusiasts. It is a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine, featuring a push-button 4R70W automatic transmission and a 3.70 limited-slip differential.

Judging by the rest of the tech specs, which include perks like independent front suspension, a Heidts Pro-G four-link rear setup, Wilwood brakes, and a roaring exhaust, this’ Stang has also been rebuilt to be led. Not just to win prizes on static display!

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