Ryan Hargett’s Mustang Twin-Turbo Coyote Returns to Drag Week

This isn’t Hargett’s first time competing in Drag Week, as he entered the competition in 2017 with his Kona Blue Mustang and placed second at the end of the week. He ticked off a bucket list item that year and enjoyed it so much that he and his wife, Tammy, returned for 2018 and 2019. 2020 was obviously a miss as the event was canceled, and owners of Hargett Automotive and Performance have sat down in 2021 to focus on their families.

They’re ready to tackle the drag-and-drive challenge again in 2022 and have the added goal of collecting a 6-second lap time in the Super Street Small-Block Power Adder class. At the Street Car Takeover event at Edgewater Sports Park, Hargett clocked a time of 7.36 at over 190 mph, so he’s pretty close already. He also won the Summit Midwest Drags Drag and Drive event with an average of 7.57.

Late-model muscle cars have proven time and time again that their ultra-efficient engines are capable of ultra-impressive performance when the incoming atmosphere is pressurized and boost is achieved. The Ford Mustang’s 5.0-liter Coyote powertrain is one of those engines that becomes more than the sum of its parts when boost is added, and Hargett’s 2011 Ford Mustang does a spectacular job of showing that off. which is possible when you harness such power.

The pony car’s engine is the same stock block that Coyote used in the later events and uses CNC-Boss 302 cylinder heads and a custom billet-aluminum long intake manifold with an integrated air-to-water intercooler.

The job of pressurizing said intake manifold falls to a pair of Precision Gen 2 76/75 turbochargers, and Hargett tunes the Holley EFI Dominator fuel injection system himself, which is a service he offers to dyno customers. in his store.

“The car put out over 2,000hp for our tire dyno, Hargett told us.

Putting that much power on the sometimes tricky track surfaces during HOT ROD Drag Week will be a challenge, though. Hargett relies on a durable 400 RPM Turbo transmission and 9-inch Ford rear to turn that prodigious power into forward momentum, and a host of bolt-on suspension parts from BMR, Racecraft and AFCO, plus Mickey tires Thompson to keep the Mustang planted. Hargett saw something he liked in the Rick Jones anti-roll bar and added it to the rear suspension as well.

The Super Street Small-Block Power Adder class has a pretty tight set of rules and limits on what you can do with the car, and that’s something Hargett actually prefers.

“I like that the class isn’t completely open. The rules are stricter and my car is really stock suspension with everything in the stock locations. We can’t have carbon doors, we can’t not cut the ground – the car weighs 3500 pounds with driver.”

Like many Drag Week contestants, the Hargetts pull a small trailer with supplies behind their car, and they’ve gone to great lengths to simplify what needs to be done between track racing and street miles.

“I did a lot of research and I like to be prepared,” Hargett said of his preparation leading up to his first week of drag racing. “I learned something from everyone. I keep trying to make sure that we have very little to do between the street and the track. Just change the rear tyres, swap the fuel, remove the turbo shields and maybe change the oil halfway.” through.”

Hargett continues to use the OE fuel tank, and he added an AN fitting in the engine bay to allow him to take gas off the pump and get the most out of the VP Racing Fuels C16 fuel he uses on the track. Even the melody he has in his Holley EFI stays the same for the duration of the event.

The husband and wife team has been together and running together for quite some time, and as the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work.

“We started dating when we were 15 or 16 and I haven’t missed a pass he made on the track since,” Tammy Hargett told us. “Nothing has changed since then, it’s just on a different scale now.”

“I like the strategy behind it all,” Ryan said of the Drag Week experience. “It’s almost like chess. You have to watch what the other guys in your class are running. You don’t want to have to beat your game excessively if you don’t have to. Sometimes you have to think, should you do I do one-and-done or do I do some runs?”

The Hargetts are definitely ready for this year’s HOT ROD 2022 drag week, with their friend Brent Sinclair accompanying them in his 4th Gen Camaro. The event will begin September 18 at World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison, Illinois.

Photos courtesy of Ryan and Tammy Hargett

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