Rockstar Illinois Sheriff’s Dog Captures 9 Suspects in One Day


To encounter Lake Illinois County Sheriff Canine, Dax…

Lake IL County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

Lake IL County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

Not only is Dax handsome and a very good boy, but he also goes after catching criminals.

Dax’s big party

Around 1 a.m. on June 1, 2022, Dax and his partner, Lake County Deputy John Forlenza, received a call to respond to the scene of an accident involving a stolen vehicle in Wadsworth, Illinois. . Arriving at the scene, Dax and his partner learned that three suspects had fled the scene, and that’s when Dax’s big day began.

According NBC 5 Chicago;

After following just over a mile, Dax located the three underage suspects, who then ran when they heard the dog. The three suspects then ran onto the roadway where another sheriff’s deputy was waiting to take them into custody.

Sounds like a pretty successful day at work for Dax, right? Wait, it’s better.

Around midnight June 2 (less than 24 hours later), Dax and Deputy Forlenza received ANOTHER call about an accident involving a stolen vehicle and MORE suspects who fled the scene, but this time it was close to Deerfield, Ill. Don’t worry though, Dax has that.

A Press release of the Lake Illinois County Sheriff’s Office said;

Canine Dax headed northwest into a heavily wooded area where he located three juvenile delinquents in hiding. They were then taken into custody. He then continued his search along the shore of the Des Plaines River where he spotted three more juvenile delinquents in hiding. They too were arrested and all were turned over to the Illinois State Police.

For those doing the math, that’s NINE suspects found in 24 hours by rock star K-9 officer Dax!

I know Dax was just doing what he was trained to do BUT, I really want to give him a big hug for a job well done! Do you think he got a whole bunch of goodies afterwards from Deputy Forlenza? I hope so!

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