Reed City Coyote Softball Teams Mix


REED CITY – Wednesday’s scheduled LAT League game between Reed City and Pine River has been rescheduled for Monday and the Coyotes softball program has hosted a 2022 Reed City alumni game instead.

It was a nine inning game Wednesday with the Reed City High School team winning 19-16 over the oldies.

“It was a see-saw battle back and forth and up close,” said Reed City coach Roger Steig.

Reed City’s leading hitters were Emma Johnston with five hits and Morgan Hammond with three. With two successes each, Kenzie Shoemaker and Elizabeth Calabrese. The coyotes with one shot each were Hayden Cutler, Miyesha Baumgardner, Myah Beard and Madison Lutjens.

The main alumni hitters were Rylie Shafer (Class of 2022) with three, and with two hits apiece were Skiler Brigham (2015), Stefanie Shoemaker (1995), Cassie Enos (2020), Ashley Andrzejewski (2015) and Maddie Morgan (2020) .

With one success each, Lily Andres (2021), Courtney Lackney (2012) and Saundra Waters (2004).

Next Wednesday should be the last matches of the LAT League season. Reed City will be at home against Cadillac.

Pine River leads the standings at 8-0 followed by Reed City (6-2), McBain (1-7) and Cadillac (1-7). Last week’s results were: Reed City 16 McBain 6; Reed City 22 McBain 15; Pine River 19, Cadillac 4 and Pine River 21, Cadillac 2.

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