Reed City Coyote junior had a solid season


REED CITY — Anthony Kiaunis’ return for another Reed City cross-country season in 2023 is one of the many reasons coach Rich Saladin and his Coyotes are extremely confident of a top-sixth position. spot, which they clinched in 2022.

Kiaunis helped the Coyotes on their first regional trip in 38 years. Ironically, at the end of the season he quietly noted that he could do better, but yet it was quite a season for the Reed City junior.

At the state meet, Kiaunis placed 84th.

“This is Anthony’s third time in the state,” Saladin said. “He has a best time of 17:22 from last year when he placed 66th. Anthony has been outstanding all year starting with a PR time of 16:47 at Chip Hills in August. He has 11 top 10s including four second-place finishes.He was first-team All-Conference and served as team captain for the second year.

“Anthony is a hard worker. He is always good. Leading the team to a conference championship was a big goal. He worked through some issues in the last two races, but he still performed and persevered. He’s a tough boy and he runs with his heart.

Kiaunis notched another PR in the second meeting of the season with a 16:44.9 in the Pete Moss Invitational at Benzie Central.

“I actually got off to a good start, but it was downhill from there,” Kiaunis said. “I had a really good race at Manistee (second place on Oct. 13 at 17:26.7).”

There were various other factors that Kiaunis felt could have resulted in various challenges.

“I was in gym class a lot and I’m doing weight training right now, so I feel like it puts a bit of a strain on my body,” Kiaunis said. “Overall, from a team perspective, it went very well. We had a great team atmosphere. Everyone seems ready to run and ready to run and run fast.

As a rider, “I’m good at being with the peloton,” he said.

The season ended earlier this month at the national finals and Kiaunis will now focus on the track. The cross is his favorite.

“The elements are there and I like the team atmosphere,” he said.

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