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OVERLEA, Maryland (WJZ) – A Baltimore County teenager attacked by a rabid coyote warns others about attacks from rabid animals.

WJZ questioned the teenager and his mother who did not want to be identified.

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“I was scared,” the teenager said. “It wasn’t too painful. It was a bit spicy afterwards when I like to walk on it.

The attack happened on October 20 on a trail near Holt Park as the teenager was training for cross-country skiing.

“I stopped because I saw something in the middle of the woods,” the teenager said. “It was like this gray wolf-like creature. I didn’t know it was a coyote at first.

The family said it was the same coyote that attacked a man and his dog on the same day in Holt Park.

The Baltimore County Department of Health found the coyote to be positive for rabies.

People who roam the area regularly have heard of the attacks and are keeping an eye out for other rabid animals.

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“We’re a little more careful and alert and aware and I was looking around a bit as we walked, but we feel pretty comfortable,” said Don Street of Rosedale.

The teenager had to go to the hospital for his bite. His mother said he needed four sets of rabies shots.

“It’s just boring because I had to go back to get shot,” the teenager said. I must have missed some of my classes.

The family say they didn’t expect something like this to happen to them. They want other families to be careful.

“I just want people to know, you know, that they are aware of animals and if they are scratched or bitten by an animal to make sure you get medical attention immediately,” the mother said. teenage girl.

Doctors gave the teenager advice on what to do if this happened again, telling him to make loud noises and not run so the coyote would not chase. The health department also says it’s important to make sure your pet’s rabies vaccinations are up to date.

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