Police recover stolen mascot costume after sighting dog on bicycle



RCMP posed a collar to a suspect after recovering a large dog mascot costume stolen from the Prince George Humane Society.

Since the costume was removed from an animal rescue van in mid-September, there have been several sightings of someone in head-to-toe dog clothes biking around town.

Local teacher Susan Phillips says she saw the costumed dog – with blue eyes, a bushy tail and a long nose – cycling towards the courthouse.

“I thought of Wile E. Coyote,” said Phillips, who was unaware the outfit had been stolen.

“It’s downtown Prince George. You never know what you’re going to see. So I smiled and kept driving,” she said.

Chance’s costume had been missing for 10 days, after being retrieved from an animal rescue van. (PG Humane Society / Contributed)

Chance the mascot, an adult-sized “neutered two-year-old male husky,” is the face of the humane society that attends public events and entertains children at animal-themed birthday parties, the director said. of the company Terri Lube.

“He’s a beautiful husky that’s been on the run for a few weeks,” she said.

“We actually weren’t expecting to get it back,” said Lube, who said Chance’s costume replacement would have cost between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000.

“It was kind of a new adventure for everyone”

She is happy that the public observations helped the police get him home.

“It’s funny but not funny,” Lube said. “You have to see the humor. It was kind of a new adventure for everyone.”

In the past few months, thieves in Prince George have stolen everything from trucks and tires to a small house, a hot tub and a garden fence. In many cases, stolen goods are never recovered.

The Prince George Humane Society uses its mascot, Chance, for public education, children’s birthday parties and outreach activities. The dog costume would have cost up to $ 5,000 to replace. (PG Humane Society / Facebook)

But several public sightings of the dog on the bike helped Prince George RCMP track down the culprit on Sunday.

“A woman was arrested at that time, but was released without charge pending further investigation,” said RCMP Cpl Sonja Blom.

On Monday, the police returned the slightly damaged costume to the humanitarian company. Lube said the company now has to figure out how to clean the dirty dog.

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