PIJAC forms new committee focused on canine care


Press release: PIJAC

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) has established a new standing committee that will work to promote and protect the health and welfare of dogs in the pet trade throughout their journey, from breeding to connection with families who will bring them home. as beloved pets.

“At PIJAC, we are proud to bring together experts in canine care and related issues to share information, improve practice and inform policy with this new Canine Care Committee,” said Mike Bober, President and CEO. by PIJAC. “With the increase in pet ownership during the pandemic, it is even more important that our responsible animal care community take a leadership role in elevating the many areas of canine travel in which we engage for the benefit of pets, families who will enjoy their company, and pet care businesses.

The committee includes PIJAC members representing a wide range of dog-related organizations and businesses, including breeders and breeder associations, distributors, retailers and affiliated businesses. Individuals whose expertise, authority or organizational affiliation would be useful to the work of the committee, but who are not current members of PIJAC, will also be invited to participate as synergies are identified. Chris Fleming, President and CEO of Pinnacle Pet and Vice Chairman of PIJAC’s Board of Directors, is the committee’s first chair.

The committee will also inform and advise PIJAC staff and the Government Affairs Committee on dog-related issues as they monitor and engage legislation and regulations at the local, state and federal levels. Other PIJAC committees focused on specific companion animal groups and issues currently include the Herpes, Aquatics, Zoonoses and Small Animals Committees.

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