Outrider USA Coyote is an all-electric 4×4 that could change the world


We live in a world that is largely built by and for able-bodied people, with little concern for accessibility for people with disabilities. In many cases, people with disabilities and their families must fend for themselves and make the necessary accommodations on their own. Very often, if people become disabled later in life and can no longer access or enjoy certain activities that they once enjoyed, well, that’s just too bad.

That’s where the Outrider USA Coyote comes in, the electric quad with a difference. It is built as a vehicle that disabled and able-bodied drivers can enjoy. It calls itself “the lightest 4×4 in the world” and tips the scales between 150 and 250 pounds, depending on how you spec it. As an electric vehicle, it is also very quiet, perfect for enjoying nature as you see fit.

With the Coyote’s all-terrain capabilities, people with disabilities can have the ability to get out and enjoy the great outdoors in ways that were simply not possible before. Outrider USA donated a few of its Coyotes to paraplegic hunting and fishing enthusiasts for this video to demonstrate the kind of difference this vehicle can make, and the possibilities it opens up are truly impressive.

The Outrider USA Coyote is an extremely capable all-electric ATV that the company says can fit in the back of a mid-size SUV. Since they are built to order, riders can choose between the proudly made in the USA 3000W mid-drive powertrain or the 5000W hub motor 4WD system. According to Outrider, the latter powertrain is exceptionally quiet and ideal for hunters and disabled drivers who can benefit from the 4WD system.

The exclusive aluminum monocoque frame keeps the Coyote both light and strong. A single 1512Wh lithium-ion battery will get 20-35 miles of range on a single charge, but you can equip it with up to 6 of them for 6048Wh and between 80-140 miles of range (at an additional cost, of course). Other options available include a luggage rack, headlight, high visibility LED lamp post and an electronics package with two USB ports and a 12V socket.

The 3000W mid-drive drivetrain uses a carbon belt and live axle setup, while the 5000W hub motor 4WD option is direct-drive, delivering plenty of torque right there where you need it. The RWD live axle, 3000W powertrain can handle riders up to 400 pounds. Either powertrain gets you a top speed of 22 mph, but going fastest isn’t usually a top priority when hitting the trails and exploring the wilderness.

Seat height is set at 16.5 inches and features a hydrophobic pad to help keep you dry when riding in wet conditions. Ground clearance is seven inches, and the Coyote rolls on aluminum wheels with IRC VX-10 tires. The independent suspension uses air shocks at both ends, with adjustable rebound.

Two 180mm Magura hydraulic disc brakes at the front come standard, as does a 1000W 110V on-board charger. An optional 220V, 2500W charger can be fitted on request. Since Outrider USA also ships worldwide, adaptation of different electrical systems in different countries can also be done if requested. Incidentally, Outrider says the Coyote is closed-loop compatible; use solar charging when not in use to keep the battery ready to go at all times.

Pricing starts at $13,985, with powertrain, battery and accessory options added to the base price. For more information, your best bet is to check out the Outrider USA website and contact them with any questions you may have.

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