No matter your situation, this shelter has a dog that’s right for you.

They are “The Big Eight”.

They’ve been hanging around in dog limbo for too long.

Sheltered at Chicago Canine Rescue collectively for more than 2,600 days – more than a shocking TWO years – a group of eight special dogs rescued from animal control facilities “kill” are now part of a new adoption drive for shelters” long-timers”.

Lloyd, 1 plus, a yellow lab and retriever mix, has been in the shelter for 153 days.

“The vast majority of ‘long timers’ are overlooked, their reputations tainted by false assumptions due to their long stays,” said Nancy MacIntosh, board member of Chicago Canine Rescue, located at 5272 N. Elston Road.


Dixon, 1 plus, a German Shepherd/Malinois mix, has been in the shelter for 279 days.

“The general public is unaware of the amazing animals that are left, she said.

“We hope our ‘The Great Eight’ campaign will raise awareness of a sad situation, and that these eight special dogs can serve as ambassadors for this universal issue.”


Tater, 4, a 36-pound American Foxhound mix, has been in the shelter for 150 days,

So here is the truth about Bow Wow.

“The world of animal welfare is in crisis,” said Abby Matzke, the manager of the shelter.


Sophie, 2+, is a stray pit bull terrier who was sheltered for 760 days,

“We’ve been impacted by post-COVID animal returns; dogs being thrown left and right outside our doors; and a national drop in adoption numbers,” she said. “Our shelters, which pull dogs from ‘killing’ facilities, are not only flooded…but long stragglers, who have had longer behavioral training, are ignored.”


Chloe, 1+, is a Mountain Cur mix and has been sheltered for 136 days.

“It’s been daunting trying to shine a light on the plight of these dogs, who deserve a loving home with someone special,” she said.

So let’s go dog hunting. It’s time to introduce the long-time residents of the shelter.


Nigel, 4, is a 30-pound Jack Russell terrier and Australian cattle dog mix, sheltered for 839 days.

They are: Chloe, Tater, Octavia, Sophie, Dixon, Lloyd, Mornay and Nigel, and they live in a world of limited space, loneliness and constant barking.

The following descriptions are provided by the CCR Shelter and can be viewed at


Octavia, 1+, is a red-nosed American pit bull terrier who has been sheltered for 159 days.

Nigel, 4, a 30-pound Jack Russell terrier/Australian cattle dog mix sheltered the longest: 839 days; a once terrified wanderer trained in behavior is now friendly; exuberant, but not with other dogs; and needs a home with a private fenced yard.

  • Octavia, 1+, is a young red-nosed American pit bull terrier, who came in as a stray; a resident of 159 days; described as having no bizarre behavior; good for visiting dogs and kids; likes to struggle; happy all the time; a poster child for the perfect pit bull, but here she stays. “It’s a mystery that she’s still here,” Matzke said.
  • Mornay, 1+, a playful female, medium-sized pit bull mix sheltered 154 days; likes to play with his toys; does well with people, but would do better as an only child.
  • Lloyd: 1 plus, a happy, sweet, yellow lab/retriever mix that strayed; came back when the first adoption didn’t work out; has been at the shelter for 153 days; needs an active but quiet household; is good with children who don’t mind his nervousness; and loves other dogs.
  • Dixon: 1 plus, a German Shepherd/Malinois mix, housed for 279 days; a large, friendly dog ​​whose ideal home is with an experienced owner and/or dog trainer to show him the ropes. Not very suitable for children.
  • Sophie: 2 more, a stray pit bull terrier captured after being grazed by a car; a playful, affectionate, submissive girl with allergies and behavioral needs who was rescued in seconds from the Green Needle; sheltered for 760 days and needs a home for adults minus children and other animals.
  • Tater, 4, a 36-pound American Foxhound mix, retrieved from a shelter in Arkansas as a shy stray. Sheltered for 150 days, described as a gentle soul with a worried face who is good with other dogs if allowed to be the boss. Likes stuffy toys; to be treated like a baby, but better without children.
  • Chloe: 1 plus, a Mountain Cur mix, has been at the shelter as a returning pup for 136 days; looking for a home as the only dog ​​without children; needs space to play; likes tennis balls; is excellent for fetching; and maybe a bulldozer.

“I admit to crying from time to time,” Matzke said. “We believe that community engagement is crucial to solving this problem.

“There is no doubt that each of them requires the care of a special person because they are special,” she said.


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