New Bedford resident warns public of regular coyote visit to neighborhood – New Bedford guide



In addition to advice from this resident, Massachusetts officials have frequently shared a sage that will likely be ignored until someone is injured. Unfortunately, that person will likely be a child since coyotes will be looking for a smaller target that they think they can defeat. PLEASE clean up after you! Stop being bastards! You will be the reason why a wild and hungry animal will come to the areas where people are, because they are otherwise shy animals.


“Hi! This morning another resident stopped to tell the people of Buttonwood Park that a coyote came out between 5:30 am and 6 am around the park and started approaching people and animals. domestic workers.

Useful information online indicates that if you see a coyote approaching near you, do not retreat but chase it away by wearing a noise generator, making as much noise as possible, clapping, or throwing small ones. sticks or stones (the intention is to scare and NOT to hurt).

If that fails, back away slowly. Do not create conflict where there is no conflict if the coyote is avoiding you or your pet. Call animal control / police. I wanted to share this information with other residents.

If you could share that would be great, I think this information might be helpful 🙂 I haven’t personally seen the animal, but it seems September-November is when coyotes are seen in New England. -Steph Pex. –

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