Neighbors on alert after several coyote sightings in Schuylkill Township near Valley Forge Woods


SCHUYLKILL TWP., Pa. (WPVI) – Neighbors of a development in Schuylkill Township have reported several sightings of coyotes in their neighborhood.

“The past week has been very intense and uninterrupted,” said neighbor Shon Bose.

Coyotes have been gaining attention lately in Valley Forge Woods.

Neighbors told Action News they have been seen throughout development for the past two weeks.

Mike Drayo says his family was having breakfast one morning when his daughter spotted one in their backyard.

“We were at home in the kitchen, we looked out the window and my daughter saw the coyote go under the fence in the garden and it walked up the side of the hill,” Drayo said.

He told Action News the coyote sat eating leaves for about 15 minutes, so he called the police.

“One of our agents dispatched on call located a sick coyote and was able to shoot the animal. But the animal fled into the woods, and we were unable to locate the animal afterwards. this, “said John Frye, police chief for the Schuylkill Township Department.

In general, neighbors said they weren’t afraid, but they make sure to be more alert when they go out for a walk.

Some have made interesting purchases in the hope of keeping the coyotes away from their property.

“Everyone’s been a little careful. People are figuring out how to keep them at bay. There are rumors that wolf urine apparently works, so people order wolf urine. I’m not kidding.” , Bose said.

Schuylkill Township Police updated the community with a post on their Facebook page. Officers were able to locate and safely euthanize a sick coyote, but they have still received calls since then for further sightings.

Chris Strub, the director of the Schuylkill Center, says it’s not unusual to see coyotes in the area. However, it is more common to spot them at dusk or in the evening.

He adds that they are quite timid animals and do not approach humans for the most part.

Strub advises to avoid leaving any food source outside. If you come across a coyote, call the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

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