Mystery Canine escapes from rescue center with DNA results still pending

Just days ago, Wildlife Works and thousands of intrigued fans were eagerly following the recovery of a mange-infested dog. Some suspected it was a coyote, while others thought its calm demeanor indicated a domestic dog. Unfortunately, something shocking happened on the evening of Wednesday January 26 before the animal’s DNA results could be revealed.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Wildlife Works announced that the animal they were treating had escaped from the facility. A member of staff arrived Thursday morning to find the animal had escaped its cage and left quite a mess.


Wildlife Works did not expect this result, as the animal had been docile during treatment. He had to gnaw through a window seal and a screen to escape.

“He never acted aggressively or in distress, and there had been no evidence of any escape attempts.”

Obviously, the people who just wanted to help this poor animal are heartbroken over the escape. On the bright side, he received food and care for at least a week.

“We had him for about a week, during which time he ate nutritious food and received treatment for his scabies and secondary infections. We can only guess that he was starting to feel a little better and decided it was time to leave.


The staff didn’t give up on this guy, and they’re currently trying to track him down and bring him back.

This is no one’s ideal outcome

Bewildered and heartbroken, Wildlife Works points out that they never intended to help the poor animal.

“I hope those of you who are familiar with Wildlife Works know that this is NOT [our] level of care, and understand how devastated we are – not just for ourselves, but for that poor creature out there in the cold who is once again struggling to survive.


Unfortunately, many people felt the need to blame and criticize the organization, which ultimately led to them deleting the post and replacing it with this message:

“A big thank you to everyone who reached out to us with messages of love and support. It far outweighed the naughtiness and naysayers. Rest assured that we learned a lot from this experience and that we we will be better prepared in the future.

DNA results still haven’t come back, but this escape attempt makes it look like we’re dealing with a coyote.

Original post from 01/26/22 below:

When Christina Eyth found paw prints outside her Pennsylvania home, she followed them to find an emaciated animal with terrible mange. Mange, a skin condition caused by burrowing mites, can make an infected animal unrecognizable.

This particular animal looked like a dog, but she really couldn’t tell what she was looking at. All Eyth knew was that the poor trembling animal needed saving.


Eyth managed to lure the animal to her basement, where she kept it until a local foster-based rescue, TJ’s Rescue Hideaway, could pick it up.

Whatever that animal was, Eyth knew he needed help. She said BNC News:

“I looked outside the door, and that’s when I noticed the animal on my left, and he was so scared and so cold and shaking. All I could think of was “This animal needs help”.

Dog or coyote?

After retrieving the animal, TJ’s Rescue Hideaway scanned it for a microchip. No chance. Still baffled by the animal’s appearance, the rescue later transported it to Wildlife Works, a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Wildlife Works immediately began treating the pup for his skin condition. Morgan Barron, one of the organization’s rehabilitators, said:

“They transported it here, it got here, and I’m like, honestly, I can’t say for sure what it is. BBut, to err on the side of caution, since they may carry rabies and it could be a coyote, we can keep it here, do some genetic testing and go from there.


Obviously, this little fellow looks a lot like a coyote, but he also has the temperament of a pet. Plus, as many have pointed out, look at those puppy eyes!

“Behavioral wise he is very shy, very scared and not aggressive at all, his behavior makes me lean towards the dog,” Barron said.

The organization sent a DNA sample to determine “what exactly he is”. Results will take 2-4 weeks to come back, and they are still eagerly awaiting responses.


If you are also super curious to know the answer, Wildlife Works advises you via its Facebook page:

“Please be patient with us as we wait for the results with you. We will share the results with everyone as soon as we have them!

You can follow them here to get these updates. You can also donate to Wildlife Works to help them continue their important rehabilitation work.

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