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It’s a beautiful day here, people.

I don’t take it lightly. I’m sitting on my porch writing this in perfect California weather. That’s why people live here. It’s the calm before the storm here. The Firestorm.

I try to stay in the day and enjoy my life despite what my brain wants me to think about. The speculative horror that unfolds daily is accelerated by my hungry, angry brain and supported by the information I keep on my phone. Always lights. Of any kind.

Not here on my porch today. Birds are everywhere. So many kinds. Flocks of green parrots are screaming. Crows. Hummingbirds. Mourning doves. Black Phoebes crap all over my steps from two nests at the tip of my roof. I have to clean it every other day.

It’s the banality of life. A good life. It’s the rhythm of what it is. If you separate your actual experience from the reality of your immediate environment and your engagement with it from the fire you light in your brain every day with hundreds of renegade threads of news, photos and videos, the disparity is epic. Building from the reality of your immediate environment to address collective life issues is where we should be anchored. To be part of a fiery thread hanging and screaming that its reality is the problem. Everywhere. The flaming threads that bind us together are not the foundation of community.

What is missing is figuring out what your real issues are, both personal and political from the perspective of your real life. Broken people full of rage and grievance find all sorts of hot bullshit to tie up their victim-oriented belief system and find like-minded people to fuel a movement of senseless hostile intent, then claim they are marginalized . Fertile ground for fascism. Scary stuff.

It’s still sunny here. Hummingbirds are violent little fuckers.

A coyote was sleeping in my yard the other day. I posted a video of it on IG. Hundreds of wild opinions in the comments. It’s bad, it’s good, it’s sick, it’s cute, it’s dangerous, it’s infected. Everyone thinks they know everything. Most people don’t know anything. Who wants to admit it? Why not just speculate? Share chunks of more important stuff out of context as if it’s okay.

I immediately got attached to it. My coyote.

Native Americans attach a lot of meaning to coyotes and crows. I am surrounded by both. Coyotes are crooks. Ravens are symbols of change. Guardians. I’m not sure what any of this means in terms of my spiritual life or on the grand metaphysical level, but here in the yard I know the coyote won’t be shoving its way in and eating my cats. That’s why I have a catio.

Today I speak with Greg Proops about the tribalization of comedy and its exploitation by the current fascist movement in our country. Thursday I talk to Jen Statsky who co-created the TV show “Hacks”.

Boomer, Monkey and LaFonda live!


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