Melanie Lynskey recalls body shaming on ‘Coyote Ugly’ set

In an interview this week with The Hollywood Reporter, Lynskey recounted a negative experience she had while filming the 2000 film “Coyote Ugly.” She said production staff examined her physical appearance, as well as the looks of her co-stars, including Piper Perabo.

“It was ridiculous,” Lynskey said. “I was already starving and as thin as possible for this body, and I was still a (size) four. It was already people who put a lot of Spanx on me in wardrobe fittings and were very disappointed when they saw me, the costume designer saying, “Nobody told me there would be girls like you.”

Throughout filming, she was subjected to “very intense comments about (her) physique, (her) body,” said Lynskey, who was interviewed along with her “Yellow Vests” castmates, including the star of 90s, Christina Ricci.

Both women said they had been labeled as “character actors” and denounced the use of the word “quirky” to describe themselves. Lynskey recalled when a script changed a description of her character from “handsome” to “cute and quirky.”

“I never liked that word,” she said.

Earlier this year, Lynskey opened up about the scrutiny of her looks that began after her debut movie, Peter Jackson’s “Heavenly Creatures.” While her co-star Kate Winslet has continued to play several ingenuous roles, Lysnkey said she hasn’t experienced the same glut of offers.

“I keep being reminded that I wasn’t the right thing to be,” she told Vulture in May. “Thin, confident, pretty. Especially thin.

After being criticized for her appearance during her early years in Hollywood, Lynskey told The Hollywood Reporter that she felt “very protective” of her younger “Yellowjackets” co-stars who play younger versions of the four main characters. Luckily, she and her co-stars said the younger cast members are confident enough to hold their own.

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