Meet Winnie the Cattle Dog: TikTok Canine Star Is Afraid of Cows


Winnie, the red Australian Cattle Dog, is said to have been bred to herd farm animals.

The adorable pup, who has 1.9 million followers on ICT Tac and 250,000 on instagramtook the world by storm for her adorable videos with her owner, April Butler.

There’s just one small problem: despite being a cattle dog, Winnie has a phobia of cows.

April tells 9Honey that her famous dog first showed signs of her fear of cattle when she was just a puppy.

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April’s beloved dog, Winnie, is afraid of cows. (Provided)

“Even though she acted like she was a bulletproof pup, as soon as we put her around the cattle, it was a different story,” says April.

“Most working line puppies exhibit a natural tendency to work when placed in this situation, but Winnie would turn on her heels and run towards us every time. As she got older, she continued to be uninterested. working cattle.”

April’s family adopted Winnie as a puppy in hopes that she would become a working dog on their farm.

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Although she was a “fearless” little creature at first, the family realized she wasn’t quite cut out for it.

“She was a little whirlwind of terror when she was a pup and seemed fearless, throwing herself up stairs and hay bales and completely chopping herself up,” laughs April.

“She had uninterrupted energy and couldn’t sit still for more than 2 seconds.”

winnie the cattle dog
Winnie had non-stop energy as a puppy. (Provided)

The Queensland dog lover never thought she would be the proud owner of a famous dog.

It all started in 2020, during confinement, when April decided to download TikTok and post a video of Winnie. Suddenly, his clips got viral attention.

“Some of my Winnie videos were blowing up and I was getting hundreds of comments asking for more Winnie content, so I decided to start posting regularly and rename the page ‘Winnie the Cattle Dog,'” she says.

“I was curious to see how long it would take to reach different milestones, like 10,000 or 20,000 subscribers, and I never stopped!”

Although Winnie was a family dog ​​at first, April’s parents saw the unique relationship the two shared.

They decided that Winnie—who wasn’t much of a cattle rancher anyway—could move in with April and become a townswoman.

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winnie the cattle dog
The Australian Red Cattle Dog is now famous on Instagram and TikTok. (Provided)

“My parents saw the incredible bond we shared and knew she had no place on the farm as a working dog,” says April.

“So I adopted her from them and she came to live with me and start what was to become the craziest journey of our lives.”

Thanks to the staggering level of fame Winnie has achieved, April has been able to carve out a social media career from her TikTok and Instagram.

As she got older, she continued to have no interest in cattle work.

The red cattle dog is so beloved that people often recognize her and approach April on the street.

“Most of the time I don’t even think about it, but people approach us on walks or while we’re out for breakfast, and it makes me realize how far Winnie’s videos have gone! ” said April.

winnie the cattle dog
April and Winnie live in town and spend their time making videos for TikTok. (Provided)

With a huge following comes the responsibility to share meaningful and helpful content, says April.

She explains that the pet influencer space often shows only the best aspects of owning and training a pet.

Instead, April wants to help others by showing the good, the bad, and the ugly of living with a dog.

“Reactivity is so common and we are seeing a large number of post-pandemic reactive dogs – AKA ‘pandemic puppies’ who have spent the crucial period of socialization in isolation with their owners,” she says.

“We try to realistically portray all aspects of dog ownership (both the good and the bad) to help our subscribers feel less alone about being reactive.”

April adds, “Owning a reactive dog can be such a difficult and isolating experience, and only those who have been through it can really understand it.”

winnie the cattle dog
April says Winnie’s unlikely fame changed her life. (Provided)

Some of April and Winnie’s most popular content are educational videos, such as “foods you should never feed your dog” and how to take a puppy on a road trip.

Now Winnie and April live together on the Gold Coast in Queensland – a dream for ex-farmers.

The cattle dog who fears cows has changed April’s life, she says happily.

“We spend all day working side by side to create videos for the world – something I wouldn’t have thought possible even in my wildest dreams,” says April.

“Safe to say that Winnie defied all stereotypes of her race and chose her own career path!”

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