Man sneaks up on sleeping coyote in cornfield and scares him

The poor boy was just taking a nap.

I’m sure that’s what nightmares in nature are made of.

These animals live every day in search of food and try not to get caught by anything else.

Getting peace of mind while sleeping is probably difficult for many species.

However, predators, especially those at the larger end, generally need not worry during these times. There just aren’t many creatures looking to attack when you’re near the top of the food chain.

In many areas, this would be the case for a coyote. A fairly medium sized animal averaging around 30 pounds and quite fast they really don’t have to worry.

Wolves, bears, cougars… that’s about it, and coyotes are found in every state in the country (except Hawaii). The same cannot be said of the aforementioned predators.

However, there is a predator in every eye…people.

This coyote was caught missing in a farmer’s field.

The video shows a man walking towards the singing dog sleeping between two rows of corn. When the man approaches, you are almost surprised that the coyote does not move at all.

This isn’t your typical encounter…usually these things run away from people as fast as they can.

The man comes within reach and begins tickling the yote with an old corn stalk.

He still doesn’t move. So the man decides to talk.

In a fraction of a second, the coyote opens its eyes, sees what is above it and flies away as fast as lightning.

Talk about a wild revival for the old dog.

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