Man backed for refusing to pay puppy child support in dog custody battle


Commenters have backed a man’s decision not to help pay vet bills after his girlfriend’s friend brought his dog to his farm and he became pregnant with his dog.

The original poster (OP), known as u/aitapuppy_power, wrote about the situation in Reddit’s popular “Am I The A**hole” forum where it received nearly 14,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments. The position can be found here.

The normal gestation period for dogs is between about 63 days from conception, or about two months, according to the AKC. While many people make a living raising dogs, the costs of raising a litter of puppies can quickly add up.

Puppies need specialty foods, vaccines, general veterinary checks, and supplies such as a bed, toys, and bowls.

Commenters have backed the man for not helping with vet bills after he told his girlfriend’s friend Taylor not to bring his dog to his farm.

In the post titled “AITA for not paying half of my dog’s puppy vet bills and expenses?” OP explained that he moved a few years ago to take over his parents’ farm.

“Predatory animals are common, so we’ve always had livestock guard dogs there,” the post read. “I have 2, they are very well behaved and socialized, but I don’t allow dogs I don’t know on the farm unless I’m there all the time.”

OP added that one of the dogs is male and unneutered for “community reasons” and the other is a spayed female.

About four months ago, OP said he went on a work trip for a week and his girlfriend invited her friend Taylor to stay with her on the farm while he was away.

Before arriving, Taylor asked if there was a room to put her dog’s crate, but OP said she couldn’t bring her dog because he wouldn’t be home.

“She’s coming, she’s got her dog. In heat,” the post read. “My girlfriend told him she could bring him. I offered to pay for her dog to go to the local kennel since I would be gone, my girlfriend and Taylor said I was in control. I told them that I just didn’t want to leave room for trouble.”

The day OP was leaving for the trip, he said Taylor left his dog in the yard unattended and tried to sneak through the door. He grabbed his dog and brought him back inside before telling Taylor she needed to keep her dog on a leash and watch him outside.

OP said it made him fight again with his girlfriend, but he had to leave for the trip before he could resolve it.

“Taylor left the day I got home. Weeks later her dog had puppies,” the post read. “Gf admitted they only put Taylor’s dog on a leash when my cousin was done, and let her run the rest of the time.”

Gf admitted they only put Taylor’s dog on a leash when my cousin was done and let her run the rest of the time.

Original poster

OP said Taylor’s dog entered the yard with the male dog, but they stopped her every time they saw her.

“Taylor wants me to pay half of the vet bills and expenses for the puppies until they are housed,” the post read. “She makes fun of me to my girlfriend for not having my dog ​​spayed. I refuse to pay.”

OP said his dogs are where they’re ‘supposed to be’ and it’s not his fault Taylor’s dog walked into the yard, especially since he told her not to bring the dog first.

“She and my girlfriend can cover the expenses since they went behind my back. Am I wrong here?” the post concluded.

Editors’ reactions

Nearly 1,500 users commented on the post, with many criticizing the friend for visiting the farm with her dog.

“NTA – she should have listened. Is it also a bit rich of her to complain that your dog wasn’t spayed when her dog wasn’t spayed?” one user commented.

Besides, is it a bit rich of him to complain that your dog is not neutered when his dog has not been sterilized?

Reddit Comment

“Is it possible that she wants a litter of puppies sired by your dog?” another commented. “Taylor is an authorized AH. Your girlfriend is an AH for allowing this to happen.”

“This friend knew exactly what she was doing and most likely wanted her dog to have puppies for the money she would get, another user suggested.

“It’s her fault you told her not to bring her dog and she did it anyway, knowing her own dog was in heat. He’s a jerk,” another wrote.

OP added in the comments that he paid for an inheritance test on the puppies and confirmed that they are sired by his dog.

He added that he had read the comments and thought about the suggestion that the incident could have been planned.

“I plan to ask my girlfriend when she gets home tomorrow. Since I moved here, she knows why I don’t allow dogs I don’t know on the farm when I’m away,” reads -on in OP’s comment. “I’ve been asking for an answer for weeks on why she decided to go behind my back this time.”

Farmer here who tends a heritage breed of sheep myself. Not only are you NTA, but the fact that you don’t get the answer IS the answer, in my opinion.

Reddit Comment

“Farmer here who raises a heritage breed of sheep myself. Not only are you NTA, but the fact that you don’t get the answer IS the answer, in my opinion,” one user replied.

Newsweek contacted u/aitapuppy_power for comment.

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