Laurel Highlands Kennel Association – Saturday August 20, 2022

Show name: Laurel Highlands Kennel Association
Location: Cumberland, MD
Date of the show: Saturday August 20, 2022
Total entry: 627
Best Show Judge: Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia
Show photographer(s):
David Sombach • Website:

Dog Reg: GCH Clayfields Gizmo V Eklectic Jimeni [Dog]
Raising: german shepherd dog
Handler: Kent Boyles
Owner: B McElroy & J Hall

Reserve Dog Reg: GCH Surrey Sage [Bitch]
Reserve breed: Poodle (miniature)
Reserve Manager: Kaz Hosaka
Reserve Owner: C Left

Jock Judge’s name: Mr. Eugene Blake

Total entry: 109
Dog Reg: GCHP KMander Dawnglow Arnage [Dog]
Raising: Spaniel (English Cocker Spaniel)
Manager: Meagan A Ulfers
Owner: K Anderson, N & E Atkins & E Neff
Breeder: K Anderson, S LaFlamme & E Neff
Dog Reg: GCHB Clussexx on red alert at Stonecroft [Bitch]
Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)
Controller: Roxanne Sutton
Owner: S Blau, E Miller, D Johnson & J Hubbard
Breeder: D Johnson, J Hubbard & E Miller
Dog Reg: GCHB Gonegos Wrong Way Ticket [Dog]
Breed: Wirehaired Vizsla
Manager: Michelle Scott
Owner: L Tobey
Breeder: R Bebbington
Dog Reg: GCHG Windy Hill Love Changes Everything [Dog]
Breed: Retriever (flat coated)
Controller: Angela Lloyd
Owner: R & S Rickert, L Selof & A Lloyd
Breeder: R & S Rickert, L Selof & M Bettis

Dog Judge’s name: Mr. Eugene Blake

Total entry: 81
Reg Dog: GCH Kiarrys must have faith [Bitch]
Raising: american foxhound
Controller: Lisa Miller
Owner: E Charles & L Miller
Dog Reg: GCH Charteroak Tralala Of Grandeur [Bitch]
Breed: Afghan Hound
Controller: Teri Tevlin
Owner: E Rechler & M Vaccaro
Breeder: G & M Vaccaro & E Rechler
Dog Reg: GCH Dikerdachs Leonard [Dog]
Breed: Dachshund (long hair)
Operator: Angela L Lloyd
Owner: Valerie T Diker
Dog Reg: GCHS Laceys Not My Circus [Dog]
Breed: Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Controller: Juli Lacey Black
Owner: D Bruce, J Lacey Black and J Neuschaefer
Breeder: D Bruce, J Lacey Black & J Neuschaefer

Work Judge’s name: Mr. Charles L. Olvis

Total entry: 113
Dog Reg: CH Pouch Cove Live Wire [Bitch]
Raising: Portuguese Water Dog
Manager: Michael Scott
Owner: P Helming & M Lint
Breeder: M Lint & P Helming
Dog Reg: CH Stecals Voodoo Woman in Nakodo [Bitch]
Breed: Akita
Manager: Ryan Dillman
Owner: K Venezia, C & F Bevis & R Corr
Dog Reg: GCHG Blue Views Time to Light Casserly FDC CGC TKN [Dog]
Breed: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Administrator :
Owner: J & S Baffa & M Westenmeyer
Breeder: M&D Westenmeyer
Dog Reg: GCHS Timelines Whiskey River ATT [Dog]
Breed: Boxer
Manager: M Mastrapasqua
Owner: C Halloran

Terrier Judge’s name: Mrs. Elizabeth Muthard

Total entry: 35
Reg Dog: GCHG Peabar PS I love you [Bitch]
Raising: scottish terrier
Responsible: Ania Kelly
Owner: K Lynn, P Browne and M Siroka
Dog Reg: GCHG Juslyn Choptank Dream On Tenterra [Dog]
Breed: Norfolk Terrier
Handler: Jessy Sutton
Owner: R & C Sutton, D Wall, K Graham, S Bernhard and M Phillips
Breeder: K Graham, R Sutton, P & A Gullick
Dog Reg: CH Lynaire Blackbeards Revenge [Dog]
Breed: Airedale Terrier
Handler: Santiago Pinto
Owner: L Jarvis
Dog Reg: GCHB M&M Lamz LivEr Let Die TKN RATN [Dog]
Breed: Bedlington Terrier
Administrator :
Owner: L Zembrzuski, M & C Miller & G Gilbeau
Breeder: L Zembrzuski, M & C Miller & G Gilbeau

Toy Judge’s name: Mr. Eugene Blake

Total entry: 79
Dog Reg: GCHS One Love Hashtag Not Vanilla [Dog]
Raising: Chihuahua (long hair)
Controller: Erika Lanasa
Owners: D Shindle, S O’Connell, P Martinez, H Maxwell, T Bregman & R Keiter
Dog Reg: GCHB touches the truth [Dog]
Race: Japanese Chin
Controller: Roxanne Sutton
Owner: D Martenson & P Hill
Breeder: K Silver & D Martenson & R Perket
Dog Reg: CH Marlex Kisa Adare Glamor Girl [Bitch]
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Administrator :
Owner: C & T Polmateer & K Byrd
Dog Reg: GCHS Riversongs Rockin at the Ritz [Dog]
Breed: Pug
Manager: Michael Scott
Owner: C Koch

Not athletic Judge’s name: Mr. Eugene Blake

Total entry: 62
Reg Dog: GCH Surrey Sage [Bitch]
Raising: Poodle (miniature)
Responsible: Kaz Hosaka
Owner: C Left
Dog Reg: GCHS Planets Pop Star [Bitch]
Breed: Dalmatian
Manager: Michael Scott
Owner: B Kaplan-Barrett & E Barrett
Dog Reg: GCHG Liontamer-Pazzazz Rothrock Tradition By Buddakan [Dog]
Breed: Chow Chow
Responsible: Jan Kolnik
Owner: D&P Rothrock & K Tracy
Breeder: Karen Tracy
Dog Reg: GCHB Sylvan Myst Toast Of The Town [Dog]
Breed: Lowchen
Manager: Rachel Kulp
Owners: K Roll, R Shailer, P Lasswell and R Croxton

Breeding Judge’s name: Mr. Charles L. Olvis

Total entry: 109
Dog Reg: GCH Clayfields Gizmo V Eklectic Jimeni [Dog]
Raising: german shepherd dog
Handler: Kent Boyles
Owner: B McElroy & J Hall
Dog Reg: GCHS Popsakadoo Deja Vu London Fog CGC [Dog]
Breed: Briard
Controller: Regina Keiter
Owner: P & A Price, T Miller & D Dube
Breeder: D Dube, T Miller & M Sanders
Dog Reg: GCHS Aprodombi Meresz Maszat Marci [Dog]
Breed: Pumik
Manager: Michelle Scott
Owner: C Cassidy
Dog Reg: GCH Legacys Momentum [Dog]
Breed: Miniature American Shepherd
Controller: Rachel Tepera
Owner: S Ritter

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