Janelle from Sister Wives, Meri’s tense talk about building Coyote Pass


Sister Wives stars Janelle and Meri Brown held a rather tense discussion about building the Coyote Pass family lot in a new episode of the TLC show.

“I’ve heard you say quite often about the pond, and that I didn’t want anyone to buy it,” said Meri, 50, in a teaser of an upcoming episode shared by the network on Sunday. December 12. “And I also heard you talk about Lehi’s house, and so I feel like there’s still … something.

“Well I think I know what you’re referring to,” said Janelle, 52. “And I was really worried about everyone, especially you, but anyone who was building by the pond because, you know, if I want to be there at 5 in the morning, I don’t want anybody to tell me : “You can’t be there at 5pm ‘”

As Janelle tried to lighten up the conversation a bit with a polite demeanor, she then got right to the point.

“So I had real concerns,” Janelle added. “And then for a while you were talking about being by the pond and possibly having a patio, which would be great. But I’m worried. [because] so to Lehi, you didn’t want people to cross … so [Christine Brown] and I couldn’t walk through your house to get to each other.


Janelle also mentioned how others in Lehi’s household “always somehow took” Meri’s preferences to maintain her privacy as an “always” situation.

“So the only way for me to get into Christine’s house, inside the house, would be through Meri’s upstairs apartment,” Janelle explained. “She didn’t want us to do this, so Christine and I had to go out the back door and the other back door.” We always had to get out of each other.

Meri then replied that she just wanted to keep her “personal space” intact, which Janelle then interrupted to say that she “always” felt it was a “control thing”.

The owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn shared some rather cryptic quotes on social media throughout November, before and during TLC season 16 started airing. “And if I’m wrong, educate me. Don’t put me down, ”she posted on Instagram.

Husband Kody Brown spoke about the brewing drama with Meri earlier this year.

“Meri and I have lived in a very dark place for a very long time,” said the 18-year-old father. Us weekly in February. “It was more about trying to get us out of this hole we got into. “

The husband of four then added that he hoped they would be able to sort out their issues over time. “I hope his communication heals things. It has been a long time and it has been very difficult.

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