Hyundai Motor and Konkuk University Open First-Ever Canine Blood Donation Center in AsiaNews

Like humans, dogs sometimes need blood transfusions.
However, most of the blood used for dogs comes from animals bred specifically for this purpose.
But to source blood more ethically, Hyundai Motor and Konkuk University have come up with what they dubbed the Canine Blood Donation Center.
It is the first of its kind in Asia and is due to open this Friday.
Our Kim Bo-kyoung went to check and file this report.

Blood donor dogs.
These are dogs that are bred specifically to donate blood and are kept in dirty little cages.
Unethical, but banning the breeding of donor dogs was difficult because almost 90% of the blood bags needed by sick dogs came from them.
Recently, pet owners and organizations came together to establish a voluntary blood donation system.
But, a central control tower to oversee everything was still needed.
So far, with the help of Hyundai Motor, Konkuk University’s “Canine Blood Donation Center” held its opening ceremony on Thursday.

“Beyond the pride of being the first in Asia, the establishment of a blood donation center is important because we have taken a strong step to support the important value of pet blood donation awareness. and not breeding donor dogs just for this purpose.

Inside the center there is an area where owners can bring their dogs for a check-up and labs where vets can separate plasma from red blood cells for dogs that need it.
The roof even provides a place for the dogs to play and get rid of any stress before and after the donation process.
The center also has the country’s first-ever “pet ambulance”.

“Pet owners usually have to take their pets to the vet themselves, even when they have serious conditions. And that means pets can’t get first aid along the way. Now this ambulance can care for the animals during the ‘golden period.’ and bring them safely to the hospital.”

There is also an intensive care unit inside with oxygen tanks in case there are any dogs that need urgent attention.
Konkuk University is at the forefront of these efforts for now, but South Korean lawmakers want more veterinary hospitals to follow suit and have pledged to support these efforts.

“Based on the blood center’s goals of establishing an ethical pet blood donation system while ensuring high-quality blood and building a nationwide blood supply chain, we expect the center to play an important role not only in South Korea but also in Asia.”

“We hope to see centers like these in other hospitals as well and to do this we, the lawmakers and the government, will think together about how we can provide support so that the center can be an example to follow. for the rest of the world.”

The goal is for all dogs in need of blood transfusions to receive blood that has been donated voluntarily, and this center is one more step towards that vision.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.

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