Huntington Beach family wants city to address wildlife safety concerns after coyote attacks pet dog; filmed attack


HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (KABC) — A Huntington Beach family wants the city to address the increase in wildlife encounters in their neighborhood after their Boston burrow was attacked by a coyote.

The incident was filmed by a security camera, too difficult for Melissa and Freddy Patriarca to monitor.

Their Boston terrier, Sadie, screamed in pain when a coyote violently shook her by the neck.

“My heart broke when I heard her scream,” Freddy said. “And just knowing that a wild animal like a coyote could jump the wall so easily and almost take our loved one.”

The video then shows Brother Cody, a lab, saving the day. Now, with the backup, Sadie, the alpha of this pack, even helps hunt the predator.

“Big brother came to try to save her, and even from her, like chasing the coyote after,” Melissa Patriarca said.

After suffering a few bites, Sadie was on antibiotics and was back to normal on Monday. The Patriarcas were grateful to be in the kitchen that night with the door open and able to hear their pet’s cries for help.

ACHIEVED | Child hospitalized after being attacked by a coyote in Huntington Beach; research in progress for an animal

Their neighbour, Patrick Taylor, said the attack was unsurprising.

“It’s unfortunate. It doesn’t surprise me. I hear them screaming in the streets at night or in the wee hours just before sunrise,” Taylor said.

Taylor, a handyman, said it was occupied by landlords seeking to keep wildlife away from their properties.

“I’ve seen a huge increase over the last year of people calling me on the Nextdoor app to install coyote rolls, raised fences, chain link, chicken wire, Taylor said.

Although Sadie is safe, the Patriarcas want the city to intervene. They worry about the safety of their dogs and their children.

“Coyotes are walking the streets during the day now,” said Melissa Patriarca. “I mean, I’ve seen them in schools for kids. It’s dangerous.”

The Patriarcas said they reported the incident to the city via an app, but have yet to hear back from authorities.

Eyewitness News reached out to Orange County Animal Care Monday for comment, but has yet to hear back.

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