How to defeat and get Kageroumaru in Genshin Impact Canine Path

Genshin Impact has just kicked off the endgame of the Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog Event, which features an event boss fight against the ninja dog Kageroumaru. Here are some tips to help you get all the rewards, including 60 Primogems.

Needless to say, you’ll need to have completed the previous phases of the event first to unlock the Reconnaissance Quest. If you need help with the stealth part when saving animals, you can check out our guides for Mystery of the Black Shadow and Stealthy Trail.

Also, after the first dialogue with Sango, the first objective you will need to complete in the Reconnaissance Quest is to find Ryuuji. Check out our guide if you can’t locate it.

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Sonic Frontiers | Trailer



Sonic Frontiers | Trailer





How to beat Kageroumaru in Genshin Impact and have it as a pet

Kageroumaru is overall a pretty easy boss as long as you have some shield maker characters with you. Obviously, bring Zhongli into your party if you have it. Or Noëlle.

Even without a Shield user, combat isn’t particularly complicated. Make sure to start breeding Noelle whenever you can, as you absolutely need to have at least one easily usable shield maker. This is why Noelle is a free character. Bring your Barbara for healing if you are not sure.

Kageroumaru and his ninken attack patterns (ninja dog)

Kageroumaru primarily uses close range attacks, and he always has some sort of pose or movement in advance to tell you he’s about to attack. He notably goes from holding his katana with his tail to holding it with his mouth before doing his dangerous 3-hit combo. The names of Kageroumaru’s attacks aren’t displayed during the boss fight, so it’s a little hard to say, but I’m guessing it’s the canine art: Plunging Blade.

Kageroumaru can also fire fan lightning. It is an electro attack similar to the elemental skill of the electro traveler. Finally, Kageroumaru also summons a clone that explodes in a previewed area with a red area, so don’t stay in there. Probably canine art: the Geo Bunshin skill.

Genshin Impact Challenge dog trail

Winning the fight in itself is not difficult. However, without a shield, it will be much more difficult to obtain all achievements. As you will have to manually avoid the attacks of Kageroumaru.

The Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog Event will run until December 20, 2021. The event is actually quite long, so you better do it now than wait until the last day.

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