How to Beat the Elden Ring Red Wolf of Radagon Boss Fight

The Elden Ring Red Wolf of Radagon boss fight brings players up against a giant hound – perhaps not what they expected to find in the magical and erudite Raya Lucaria Academy. Still, Elden Ring loves to surprise you, and the monstrous watchdog summoning magic projectiles is a tough boss fight for any unprepared player. It’s also worth preparing to face it now, as Red Wolf variants can be found after that, while optional boss fights with special rewards. But whichever version you’re fighting, we’ll show you how to beat the Red Wolf of Radagon boss in Elden Ring below, including strategies, tips, and rewards.


How to Beat Radagon’s Red Wolf in Elden Ring

Elden Ring red wolf from radagon boss fight guide.

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Radagon’s Red Wolf is a boss fight that takes place about two-thirds of the way through Raya Lucaria Academy, a fast-paced encounter where it can be difficult to simply keep up with this beast. With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind before jumping into this fight to help you prepare:

  • There’s actually a bit of a way to the wolf from Grace’s last site. If you take this route, play very carefully to avoid taking damage from wizards and potboys waiting in the way – the last thing you want is to enter with reduced health or flasks. Avoid fighting them whenever possible – savvy players will be able to dodge them all and roll without taking too much damage, if any.
  • The Wolf is fast, able to bounce around the arena, tackle the player, and leap out of melee range in an instant. Because of this, you probably can’t afford to have heavy load status – if you do, you’ll be really hard pressed to keep up.
  • Shields can be useful, but not exclusively. The wolf’s ranged attacks will likely pass through them for at least some damage, so if you have one equipped, don’t rely solely on it.
  • The wolf’s fast movement (not to mention its high magic resistance) means it will be a tough fight for sorcery users, as your slower projectiles will often miss and won’t do much damage even when they land. If you have an alternative method you should take it, otherwise have plenty of FP vials to stock up.
  • Spirit summons that attack tanks are a great strategy. Most summons won’t be able to keep up with the wolf’s quick movements, so extra damage shouldn’t be your priority when choosing a spirit friend. Instead, choose something like Skeleton Militiamen, who can resurrect themselves, or your own Lone Wolves, who spread around and easily attract attention. The fight becomes much easier when the wolf isn’t targeting you, as it doesn’t have many AOE attacks and can really only tackle one opponent at a time.

You now have a basic idea of ​​how to gear up, get through the fog gate, and prepare to face one of the fastest and most evasive enemies in the game.

Radagon Red Wolf Tips and Tricks

Elden Ring red wolf from radagon boss fight guide.

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Now that you’re in the thick of it, you need to know how to deal with Radagon’s Red Wolf. This boss fight doesn’t have too many weird surprises or unexpected powers, but the wolf’s agility can be frustrating for slower characters. Here are some useful moment-to-moment wolf hunting tips.

  • The moment you enter the arena, trigger your spirit summon. The wolf will only give you a moment, then you probably won’t have a fighting chance.
  • The wolf doesn’t have much health by most boss standards, relying more on dodging attacks than just enduring them. Attacks will do more damage than you think, so aggressive play can devastate his health bar (if you’re careful to do so without getting hit).
  • We’ve already mentioned shields, now here’s where they come in. The wolf’s bites, pounces, and physical attacks can all be blocked, but most shields will only reduce damage taken from its magic strikes, rather than to cancel them completely. Block teeth and claws, but you should try to dodge arcane projectiles.
  • There are benches on either side of the arena which can be a problem – the player must attack them to break them, but the wolf can simply destroy them by moving through them. Be careful not to get stuck or embarrassed by these.
  • The wolf is able to quickly and easily create floating blue daggers. Once done, you have a two-second window before these magic projectiles fire at a target. They’re not too hard to avoid once you have the timer up, but the wolf often uses this window to attack, which means you’ll be in danger from two different directions. Always keep these daggers in sight and be ready for the next strike after they appear.
  • The wolf’s greatest attacks are signified by a giant flaming sword that appears in its mouth. These moves cause high damage and tend to have a wide and expansive range. The moment you see it appear, back up and prepare to roll for added safety.

Radagon Red Wolf Rewards

Elden Ring red wolf from radagon boss fight guide.

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Want the best Elden Ring spells?

Ring of Elden

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Exploring Raya Lucaria may have inspired you towards sorcery or incantations. Whatever your desire, we have described the Elden Ring best spells check here.

Play this fight aggressively while diverting attention from the wolf as much as possible and it shouldn’t cause too much trouble. Definitely worth battling for spellcasters whenever possible, as in addition to a bulk payout of 14,000 runes, players will also receive a Memory Stone, a special item that permanently increases spell count that the player may have prepared at any time.

More importantly, killing the wolf creates a new site of grace in the arena known as the “Debating Hall” and unlocks the final stretch of Raya Lucaria Academy to the north, which you’ll need to cross to beat Rennala, the final boss of this area (if you’re having trouble with it, we have a full guide on how to beat Rennala in Elden Ring here). There are also a few other optional Red Wolves scattered around the Elden Ring map, so keep some of these tips in mind in case you find them.

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