How to Beat Radagon’s Red Wolf

While you explore Raya Lucaria Academy in Elden Ring you will eventually encounter the boss Red Wolf of Radagon. It’s one of those bosses you’ll come across multiple times in the game, but if this is your first battle with one, its moveset can feel quite tricky.

Radagon’s red wolf is very acrobatic, jumping around the relatively small boss arena, and he constantly summons magic spells to worry about, in addition to his quick bite and melee attacks. You’ll need to defeat him to get through the rest of the academy, so read on to learn more about the boss’ moves and which ones you can punish.


General tips and tricks

Radagon’s red wolf is extremely aggressive boss, simultaneously casting multiple Search Spells and using multiple Jump, Bite, and Slash attacks to close the gap between the two of you. It can make a quick and deadly battle if you are unprepared. Consider picking up extra Golden Seeds or Holy Tears that you haven’t already collected from areas you’ve already explored. That extra bit of health from a flask, or that extra flask, can be the difference between victory and defeat.

If you’re not comfortable with frequent, nervous dodging, you might benefit from bringing a shield in this battle (if you are a melee user). Be prepared for follow up attacks on all Red Wolf moves. He likes to hit in combos, so be sure to wait for a beat before trying to counterattack.

For ranged or magic weapon users, this fight can be extremely difficult due to the aggressive nature of the Red Wolf and the speed and frequency with which it will take place. fill the gap in melee range with you. Consider using one of your tanky Spirit Ashes to attract the attention of the Red Wolf and give you the extra space to cast your spells or arrows.

Set of red wolf moves

Magical Glittering Blade

This is one of the most frequently used moves by the red wolf. The wolf will leap to the side, summoning one to three blue seals in the air as it passes. After a short delay, each of these sigils will fire a single Brightblade projectile towards you. Due to the delay, you will often have to watch out for Magic Glintblades and whatever follow-up attack the Red Wolf has. try dodge to the side with these attacks, because dodging the first attack could get you hit with the follow-up (if the red wolf launches several in a row).

Sword high jump

This is the first of several attacks involving Radagon’s red wolf summoning a magic blade into its mouth. The red wolf leaps high into the air, then slams down with a single slam attack. You may encounter this move as the final move in a combo with the sword, or more commonly, you will encounter this move as a single attack. There are always late after this attack as Red Wolf resets and prepares for his next attack, so you’ll have a good window to attack.

Sword swing combo

Red Wolf of Radagon brings its head left (your right) and summons the sword, blade upraised. The red wolf will then swing the sword once, then bring it back for a second follow-up attack. It is most often a two hit combo, but Red Wolf will sometimes follow it up with a Sword High Leap attack. When you recognize this combo, wait to attack to be sure the combo is complete.

Sword attack

You will recognize the Red Wolf’s Sword Spin Attack summoning the sword and bringing its return to his right (your left). This signals that he is about to begin the spin attack. Despite the daunting nature of the move, it is relatively easy to dodge. If you dodge the boss on the first swing, the rotation tracking is so fast that you should still have your I-frames from the first dodge. Once the move is complete, you’ll have a brief window during which you can strike before Radagon’s red wolf pounces.

Triple bite

During this attack, Radagon’s Red Wolf bite twice in quick succession, and it will be bite for the third timefollowed by pause. This pause can be tricky and trick you into thinking the attack sequence is over. Watch out for that third shot after the break. After the third bite, Radagon’s Red Wolf is vulnerable to your next attack.

Sharp bite

You’ll recognize this attack when Radagon’s red wolf rears up on its hind legs, backs up, then lunges forward with a powerful bite attack. This attack is never just one attack, with a long break after the wolf resets, so if you’re able to recognize it and dodge in time, you’ll be able to capitalize on the red wolf’s pause after completing the move.

Leaping lunge

Often executed right after throwing a Magic Glintblade, Red Wolf of Radagon suddenly leaps forward with a single bite attack. The momentum of the attack carries it far beyond you, so there is no good opportunity to attack during this move. Just be ready for this move; it has a surprising range, allowing the red wolf to clear most of the room in one leap.


Radagon’s red wolf jaws will briefly flash blue in front of him jump high in the air, a greenish-blue magic trailing below. Once he reaches the top of the jump, Red Wolf will cast the Comet spell from his mouth, sending a one stroke of magic toward you. Once you recognize the jump and the trail of magic from its mouth, ready to dodge.

Great enemy downed

After a fierce battle and knowing the attacks that Red Wolf of Radagon will use, you will surely achieve victory. It might take some patience and a more jumpy dodge button than usual, but keep going. In case of defeat, you will receive 14,000 runes and one memory stonewhich will grant you an additional spell slot.

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