How to Beat Radagon’s Red Wolf

First, you need to use your spiritual ashes in order to summon help. Doing so won’t cause much damage, but will ensure your enemy is distracted long enough for you to attack with some powerful combos. Three wolves by your side should do the job, as they tend to attack bosses at close quarters.

Radagon’s red wolf is fast and quite capable when it comes to attacking from a distance. This suggests that you should stay as close as possible and be prepared to dodge any attack coming from its flame blade.

Try to read the exact moment when the first swipe of the animation kicks in: every time he has the blade of flame in his mouth. At that point, you’ll see him feint – don’t dodge too early and get caught by the resulting attack.

If you manage to consistently dodge this attack, you’ll have the key to the entire boss fight. Keep an eye out for those ranged attacks too – the wolf will try to hit you with about three waves of light darts that you can easily dodge and do little damage, but are constantly thrown throughout the battle.

As soon as Radagon’s red wolf has completed its offensive maneuvers for a while, hit it with jump attacks and heavy attacks, especially if you’re using a melee class. In doing so, remember to keep enough distance to have time to dodge any unexpected attacks coming from it.

Reading its movement correctly, and without being too scared by the speed at which it moves, the wolf is a fairly simple Ring of Elden boss, the one that’s supposed to exist just to prepare you for Rennala to come soon after.

The rewards for beating him are a Memory Stone, which increases the memory slots available to learn spells, and 14,000 Runes which will come in very handy when you need to level up your character.

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Written by Paolo Sirio on behalf of GL HF.

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