Hobbs sees ‘dramatic’ outbreak of canine distemper


LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – The town of Hobbs is experiencing a large outbreak of canine distemper centered around the Hobbs Animal Adoption Center (HAAC).

On March 10, the city issued a public service announcement regarding an outbreak of canine distemper at the HAAC. Local staff and vets have since attempted to rid the center of the disease, but have been unable to control the rapidly increasing infections.

The HAAC will be closed for the next seven to 10 days to perform thorough cleaning and disinfection, perform blood tests on all dogs and isolate those exposed. The city said it will humanely euthanize any dogs that test positive for distemper.

Canine distemper is incredibly contagious, spread through exposure to air or sharing food and water, and cannot be cured. Although not always fatal, the disease will cause lifelong neurological effects.

Symptoms of distemper include runny eyes and nose, fever, cough, lethargy, decreased appetite and vomiting. Later symptoms can cause convulsions, drooling, convulsions, and paralysis.

The city is urging dog owners to have their dogs vaccinated against distemper. Vaccines are more than 90% effective in preventing distemper, according to veterinary experts. Contact a veterinarian if your dog begins to show signs of distemper.

The city has also warned against interacting with stray dogs. If you find a stray dog, leave it where it is and contact the Hobbs Town Animal Protection Department.

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