Heckin’ Good Doggos: role play as a dog


Heckin’ Good Doggos puts players in the paws of a pack of everyday dogs just trying to outsmart their owners so they can go out and have fun.

Wet Ink Games’ Heckin’ Good Doggos The tabletop RPG is designed to stretch the imagination when it comes to playing out what our furry friends do when no one else is around. Almost every pet owner imagines their beloved fur babies engaging in all sorts of fun activities in their absence. Maybe they’ve got neighborhood friends to party while their owners are at work, or maybe they’re sneaking out the dog’s door in the middle of the night chasing away threatening spooky ghosts. their best human friends. Regardless of fantasy, Heckin’ Good Doggos is now here to bring it to life.

Drawing inspiration from the mountain of doggo memes, which have given dogs their own voice over the years, Heckin’ Good Doggos has the potential to be a hilarious adventure. The best part? It’s family friendly, so everyone can gather around the table for some good-humoured RPG adventures.

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Man’s best friend has been front and center in the media for centuries, but it’s only in recent years that internet memes have started to play on dogs’ goofy, larger-than-life personalities. Over time, the dogs began to display their own hilarious language known as Doggolingo, which became recognizable to almost anyone with an internet connection. Doggolingo has taken on a life of its own, and through that life, dog lovers everywhere get a glimpse into the minds of dogs everywhere.

The established language alone ensures that sitting down to role play as a group of dogs will have everyone around the table laughing before the game even starts. When launching the game, players first choose which breed of doggo they’d like to play, then expand on details about their best friend (or owner), who will be a source of love and frustration as the doggos try to get out. there and go on an adventure.

While experiencing life through the eyes of a dog, everything has potential for fun role play. Whether they’re dealing with the postman, reuniting with their missing best friend, or simply defending the backyard from those pesky squirrels looming in the trees overhead, excitement awaits. Players are encouraged to find ways around their owners’ efforts to keep them safe and indoors so they can head out into the world and face adventures that could be as serious or silly as they want it.

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Wet Ink Games uses a +1 dice system, which they have also used in games like Never go home and Darkness. Each major activity requires a set number of successful dice rolls to determine whether or not the doggo succeeds in its actions. Each doggo has specific attributes they excel at, so they may have additional dice to roll to successfully complete their actions. For example, one dog may be good at sniffing around, while another may be good at sneaky business.

The game also uses cards to resolve conflicts, such as a claw-and-teeth encounter with an enemy animal or trying to drag a frightened child out of hiding. At the start of the conflict, the game master informs players of the cards they must use as they attempt to successfully navigate the conflict. Players can combine cards or use as many cards as needed to successfully complete these encounters, but sometimes success is not possible and can result in doggos getting hurt.

A dog’s state of mind is sometimes unimaginable to humans, which is one of the reasons this game holds promise. Encountering scenarios that may seem simple to a human from a dog’s perspective opens up the imagination, allowing players to dive deep and discover the reasons why the vacuum cleaner monster or mailbox demon can seem so horrible for a dog. Wet Ink Games launched the Kickstarter for Heckin’ Good Doggos on January 25, 2022, and backers had fully funded the project and started unlocking additional recovery targets within six days. Wet Ink Games has several successful RPGs under its belt, which suggests Heckin’ Good Doggos will soon join this fold.

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