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The year was ushered in by the death of Betty White just weeks before her 100th birthday. Since then Sidney Poitier, 94, has joined her, followed by American dad Bob Saget just two weeks into this wacky new year.

As omicron continues to soar, it’s hard to find the positive in *all of this. *And yet a certain pointy-eared hero has emerged from the mist giving San Antonio and beyond a light laugh a rest from all this year is served.

Spurs Coyote kicked off 2022 with a new resolve: to get noticed by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And as most Coyote-related antics go, this one gets points for its engagement.

Since Jan. 1, Coyote has been portraying the now-iconic image of a younger rocker wearing a black turtleneck, gold chain and black fanny pack while leaning casually down some sort of ramp. No pants, that’s just not Coyote’s thing.

The photo has been circulating the internet for the past seven years after Johnson himself posted the image to his Instagram on July 16, 2014 according to The former WWE star turned A-lister has always been a good sport and recreated the look on his fifth Saturday Night Live hosting gig.

Day 4 included a not-so-subliminal call to Johnson…

Day 5 featured the city’s five championships…

Day 13 also turned out to be a little ironic with Coyote posing next to a literal… rock.

“Coyote is a huge fan of The Rock on the big screen and in the ring. Although Coyote is a star in his own right, every star has a famous idol who inspires him,” a Spurs Sports spokesperson told MySA. and Entertainment. “The Coyote has followed The Rock since his WWE days and dreams of one day having a home gym like The Rock.”

And just like that… The Rock responded to the Coyote, posting to his nearly 290 million Instagram followers.

Johnson didn’t miss an opportunity to sell his tequila, saying, “Good to see you having fun Coyote, next time I’m in San Antonio we’ll be drinking @teremana.” Margaritas with The Rock? Sign us up, Coyote.

Spurs PR also shared one of Coyote’s favorite quotes from the Jumanji star: “Be humble. To be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room.

Turns out it’s all about the ride, it’s all about the power after all.

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