Fundraiser for Screams, Healing and Harmonies at the Canid Education Center


Join the JAB Canine Education and Conservation Center (JABCECC) as they take you on their healing journey with their canine guides at the Howling, Healing, and Harmonies fundraiser.

The Healing Path is a journey through the different canids as they teach us what we can learn from these canids to help us be better humans, how we can heal ourselves through our connection to these unique animals, and how to back, we can be kinder to each other because of our shared love of canines.

JAB Canid Center programs are focused around these concepts, and their Howling, Healing, and Harmonies fundraiser is dedicated to helping them fund future healing journey programs at the center.

Healing with canines

These programs will include a journey through their center along an incredibly beautiful path with their canine guides to better understand canines and how you can heal from them, as well as workshops and targeted off-site programs to help school children, organizations and needs groups.

Your healing evening will include beer, cider and wine from local and craft breweries, vineyards and cider houses. They will then take you on an inspiring journey hearing great stories of people who have been saved by canines, followed by a magical walk along our healing path to meet their amazing canine ambassadors, primitive dogs, foxes and wolves.

The evening will be surrounded by original harmonies created by renowned guitarist, Greg Douglass, and some of the beautiful sounds of their canines.

Info and tickets

Tickets for the Howling, Healing, And Harmonies fundraiser are very limited for this exclusive event. Click on here to buy.

For more information about JABCECC, visit the website here and follow us on instagram, Twitterand Facebook.

See you there, San Diego!

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